• Gold for Gracie Gold

    America's dream skater has the grace, beauty, technical ability and style to win the Gold in Sochi. Gracie is dedicated as a skater, she holds her own among the more seasoned skaters in Sochi. Gracie has won the hearts of America, her team, the world and judges. Watching Gracie skate is breathe taking and there is no doubt she will take home the Gold.

  • They Are Over

    The Sochi Olympics are over and Gracie Gold did not win gold. Gracie gold has never won gold at the Olympics in the past, so asking if she will do it again, is pretty much wrong in every way possible. She won gold in a US championship competition, but you can't really compare that to the Olympics.

  • No, there are more qualified skaters competing

    No, Gracie Gold will not win the gold medal in Sochi. There are more qualified skaters who are out for the title, including Korean skater Kim Yu-na. There are also several talented Russian skaters, and since the games are being held in a Russian city, it is possible that scoring will be in their favor.

  • You never know

    Especially, in sport activities you never know what is gonna happen. She is really good at it and she is a contender, but on the other hand this is a very sensitive sport and the movements; particularly the required movements by the jury are so important and so hard for athletes.
    There is lot of good ice skater around the world. But the only thing I can suggest the one will win who has been trying so hard, the one who is fresh minded, and the one who has enough self confidence.

  • I do not think Gracie Gold will win the gold again at Sochi.

    I do not think Gracie Gold will win the gold again at Sochi. The Sochi Winter Olympics are already completed and the results are already recorded. Gracie Gold won a Bronze medal in the team figure skating event. Gracie Gold did not win a gold medal in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

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