• Sounds Like It

    It sounds like many want Greece to leave the Eurozone and it sounds like something that could happen in the future. Greece has been a mess for a number of years and they sit in area where they could literally go either way. I think if they leave the Eurozone things will get worse for them.

  • Greece will have to go.

    No doubt the radical leftist SYRIZA will be elected to power in Greece, and will not negotiate on the EU's terms. This is a very popular move in Greece and will be unavoidable, and Germany and co. will most certainly force Greece then to leave for not obeying their edicts.

  • Europe needs Greece too

    In particular the biggest debtor nations like Germany need Greece to stay. If Greece leaves then it will complicate the repayment of its debt. Maybe Greece will insist on repaying it in its new currency which would be a great deal smaller than the Euro. This would undoubtedly cause a great deal of protest in EU nations but it could happen. It's better to keep Greece in the EU.

  • Greece Will Never Be Forced Out

    Greece will never be forced to leave the Eurozone. Having said that, the population might decide that they want to leave and it might feel as though they are forced. If the European 'partners' decide to continue to impose conditions on Greece (or any other country for that matter) that the country doesn't want to adhere to, they might leave on their own accord.

  • Greece Loves Europe

    Many feel that Greece will always remain part of the euro-zone. It cannot be forced to leave unless it would like to leave. Greece will never be the same if It is forced to leave the euro-zone. It will surely seem like a family being divided and many Greeks agree.

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