• Absolutely it will

    Gregory Scarpa's life will make a fascinating movie! Scarpa was the right-hand man for a Columbian drug lord, ruthless murderer and an FBI informant. His life absolutely screams over-the-top and I'm sure Hollywood will take what's true to life and blow it up even further. The mystery surrounding this man will make for riveting drama.

  • The life of Gregory Scarpa "The Grim Reaper" would make an interesting Hollywood film

    Gregory Scarpa, also known as "The Grim Reaper" and "The Mad Hatter," was a high-ranking made member for the Colombo crime family and became an informant for the FBI. The general public is always intrigued by criminals and the lives they lead, hence the excess of cop dramas, slasher films and other genres that allow audiences to witness something they never would in real life. Scarpa's life story would make a good film, and it's surprising it hasn't already been made into one.

  • Scarpa Scores Big in Hollywood

    The life and times of George Scarpa has multiple layers that movie goers will find intriguing. Scarpa is an immigrant, a family man, a business man, a criminal, an informant, a legend. He has all of the ingredients to make the public both love and hate him. He has both saved lives and taken lives and his story would rock the oscars.

  • Personally I Don't Know Gregory Scarpa

    Perhaps I'm the wrong person to ask or perhaps I make a perfect barometer for this. I have never heard of Gregory Scarpa, so it would be difficult to say. Chances are, if he's not that fameous, he'd have to have a genuinely interesting life for the story to stand on its own outside of other tie-ins and references.

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