Will growing numbers of refugees in Greece cause backlash from the Greak government?

  • There will be much backlash in Greece over refugees

    The growing number of refugees will be a major issue in Greece. As new policies favour specific cultural groups, there will be much backlash. Those who are seeking asylum in Greece might instead find themselves in violent situations rather than finding solace. The government will have to continue to deal with protests from refugees who are being denied entry into bordering countries.

  • Yes it will

    Will growing numbers of refugees in Greece cause backlash from the Greek government? I think so, absolutely. With the growing number of refugees in every country, burdening the economy, it is difficult to think that there would be any other response other than that of a backlash. With immigrants taking most jobs, it is becoming increasingly hard for legal citizens to get jobs. We can only hope that Greece will reach a suitable compromise soon.

  • In a tough spot

    The Greek economy has struggled for a long time, to the point of being on the brink of bankruptcy and disrupting the entire economy in that area of the world. Taking in refugees is a kind act, but Greece will struggle with how to provide basic care and living for these people.

  • The Greek government has already crashed and burned.

    The growing number of refugees in Greece will do nothing to the broken government. It is the people of Greece who will suffer even more shortages as necessary food and supplies are given to refugees and not to the suffering Greek people. The government is already ineffectual and the people too distracted. It is an implosion waiting to happen.

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