• Yes, less guns will be available to criminals

    Yes, gun control will prevent police deaths. In America today, it is very easy to get weapons because of the Second Amendment. Civilians should not be allowed to purchase weapons that are used in war zones. Gun control will make it harder to get weapons and help decrease the number of guns available to the public.

  • It will time though

    America has never really tried gun control, but evidence from other countries shows that it can work, they have many fewer shootings and police deaths than the United States. The problem is that we are starting so far in the hole by allowing so many weapons and cop killer bullets in the first place.

  • I'm assuming 'police deaths' means police officers killing civilians, not the actual deaths of police officers.

    It's easy to imagine that in a country where the general public can easily buy and carry weapons, the police would be more likely to assume that any sudden gesture or ambiguous object is a gun during a tense confrontation. At that point, the police will fire simply for their own protection. And I'm not blaming the police officers for firing to prevent their own injury or deaths.

    In a country with gun control, the public does not have ready access to firearms, so the police may not immediately think 'gun' in tense situations, and take an extra second before pulling the trigger. That extra second could be all that's needed to realize that the suspect is not carrying a deadly firearm.

    This could be a reason why most other developed countries with gun control do not seem to have the same rates as police-related deaths as the US.

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  • No, Gun Control won't help.

    Criminals don't usually get their guns the LEGAL way, so gun control won't help that. If anything, it will cause MORE trouble because the criminals will want the guns even more. Lets take Poland for example, It requires the citizens to own a gun, and it has one of the lowest homicide rates in the world. .-.

  • No, gun control will not prevent police deaths.

    I do not believe that gun control will prevent police deaths because criminals generally do not go through legal channels to acquire their weapons. Having stricter gun control laws will do nothing to prohibit guns getting into the wrong hands.The only thing it does is stifle the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens.

  • No, Gun Control will not Prevent Police Deaths

    Unfortunately, in the United States guns are ubiquitous with an average of over one gun per person.Limiting the public's ability to purchase guns will not likely reduce police deaths because the guns are already out there. If gun control laws were to be passed, the sales of guns would simply move underground and the violence would continue.

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