• Gun control reduces crime.

    For all of those people that are against gun control, just look at how gun control has worked in the U.K. They banned guns and now gun violence is basically non existent. There is more crime committed with knives, true, but there are also fewer fatalities because of this. It works.

  • Yes it will reduce crime

    Gun control could reduce crime because of the acts of violence are being done by mostly guns. But if we have gun control it could reduce the number of gun deaths by a lot. Gun control has worked in other countries like the UK why wouldn't it work in the U.S.

  • Yes, it will

    The faults in gun advocates arguments are endless, but one of the primary ones pertaining to this is the assumption that everybody who wants to illegally obtain a gun will know how to. That simply isn't true. Will stricter gun control eliminate gun violence? Of course not, we've been in this lunacy far too long for anything to. Will it reduce gun violence? It's basic logic to say yes, it will.

  • Nope, reason why

    Even if gun control laws were made more strict, it wouldn't reduce crime in my opinion. Because not all criminals (using myself as a robber for example) will have a gun pointed to you to rob you, if i was a robber and i came from behind you, I wouldn't NEED a gun, I could have a knife, or a sword, or any other kind of weapon, and I could still be frightning, even with just a knife, crimes MIGHT be reduced a little bit because of gun control becoming stricter, but it won't reduce dramatically,

  • Maybe gun-related crime, not violent crime overall.

    The statistics for this argument always point to a reduction in "gun related crime" specifically and not violent crime overall. There are many countries that have strict gun control but still have murder, rape and other violent crime rates that are staggering (Russia/Mexico/Brazil). There are also countries with little to no gun control and extremely low crime rates overall (Switzerland/Finland/Norway), so there appears to be no correlation.

  • Get out of your safe space

    This is the real world your imaginary little brain where everything is bright and blooming is not reality,get a gun for self defense and stop trying to make more problems. Wether it was a gun or a knife in a mass killing it will happen while sickness is not focused on, mental health reform not gun reform.

  • Gun control does NOT reduce crime

    “Each day, on an average, 13 children under the age of 19 are killed by gunfire and more are injured. Homicide is the second leading cause of death for youths 10–19 years old. For black males of this age, it's the No.1 cause of death. Most youth homicides are committed with firearms, especially handguns.” (Hoffman 38)
    People could easily kill someone with a knife instead of a gun

  • If they want to do it then they will

    If somebody is going to do something then there is nothing you can really do unless you know how to handle said person. Violence isn't on,y a crime stopped by guns, it has become human nature to try and get what you want and some are willing to hurt others in order to pursue what they want. It would make it easier to make people second guess their decisions without a tool that can seriously injure somebody but in the end a gun is just a tool that is used to carry out the actions of the aggressor. Also in light of that, it would take away from people whom use guns as protection and not tools for violence. If there wasn't any aggression then the problem would reduce greatly. As we are though, a vast majority have aggression of some kind and we use guns as tools to carry out these actions. So people themselves are the main treat to society and the safety of others.

  • Gun control would not reduce crime

    Everyone is saying that the UK has gun control laws and they’re effective. They fail to realize that the united states has a lot of stubborn minded people who believe that owning a gun is their constitutional right and gun control laws are unconstitutional. And also there are criminals who will do whatever it takes to obtain a weapon to use for criminal purposes.

  • What are we banning next?

    People will always find a way! What's next? Banning household cleaning supplies to prevent homemade bombs? Maybe ban vans after the attack in Barcelona. 13 people died and over a hundred were injured. Yes. Let's ban vans!! People are autonomous. Stop blaming "things" and hold the individual accountable. Find a way to give the sick access to mental health care.

  • Since when did criminals obey laws?

    Gun control does not reduce crime. It is a threat to public safety. Gun control makes easy prey out of law abiding citizens. If criminals want to commit a crime, they will do so, whether or not they can get a firearm. Narcotics are illegal, yet they are everywhere. It is illegal to drive drunk, yet people still do it. It is illegal to murder, yet it is still done. Why would someone who does not obey the law against murder obey a law on prohibited items? Also, as many have said before, people kill people , not firearms. Guns do not simply "go off by themselves" without someone triggering that process. There is a very slim chance of a firearm going off by itself in the event of mechanical failure, but this almost never happens due to modern safety devices that guns have. We should not impose stricter firearm regulations because of their dangerous properties. A firearm is a very useful tool, but it can be very bad if used for the wrong reason. You can kill people with cars, but no sane person would impose stricter vehicle regulations simply because of that, due to the fact that cars are very useful, but a few people may use them wrongly. The same logic applies to firearms.

  • Gun control will NOT reduce crime.

    Has US drug policy ridded the streets of drugs? Pot is against the law, but it can be found right now in any middle school or high school or college in America.... Right now, ask your kids. Remember, it is not 'gun violence', it's VIOLENCE. You don't call it car violence when someone uses his car to kill, do you? You don't say: baseball bat violence or hammer violence or pressure cooker violence now do you. This is just a ploy of left media to demonize the gun because they are weak on telling people that their behavior is wrong. The left can't even tell their own to not riot for God's sake!!
    The right to assemble is just that, a right, but unlawful assembly by blocking roads, rioting and such is wrong. Get a damn permit like everyone else. Schedule it, provide port-a-johns and security and have at it. But tweeting your friends to come take over the highway infringes on my rights.

  • Absolutely Not, It's Common Sense

    It's a simple case of common sense that if a criminal wants to commit a crime, like robbing a store for example, with a gun, then they will get that guy any way they can. The government can ban guns entirely from the U.S. soil, but that will not stop criminals from going overseas to get weapons. Hell, that even happens right now. They're already going to commit a felony, what's to stop them from committing another with some gun "control" act? The thing is, it won't prevent a criminal from being a criminal or lower crime rate. It may make a stupid thug rob a store with a butcher knife instead of a handgun, but criminals will just find other means.

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