• People are conflating gun control with no guns at all...

    Firstly, contrary to what many people believe, the majority of guns used in crimes are purchased, not stolen. Most of these guns come from corrupt dealers and other black market traders. Some argue that because criminals do not follow laws, gun control will not affect them and instead only affect the lawful. This is absolutely false. Laws that crack down on corrupt dealers and buyers will undoubtedly affect the ability for criminals to buy guns, not lawful citizens. One possible law is to closely monitor dealers whose guns have been found in crimes to prevent black market dealing. This would not restrict lawful citizens from buying guns at all.


  • Gun control is a law....

    Gun-control is a law, and it is meant to keep violent crime down. 'Criminals' are labelled because they DO NOT follow the laws. Enacting gun-control, or any form of restriction of firearms from law-abiding citizens, will prevent those citizens from protecting and defending themselves, their families, and those around them. Also, it will prevent us, as citizens, from doing what the 2nd amendment was made for: stopping any future government tyranny.

  • Sounds cliched, but the bad guys will still get the guns!

    The true wrongdoers will still get the weaponry the want to commit crime, just like they do now. They are criminals for a reason, they don't follow laws and they won't follow gun control laws!! All the laws will do is take away the right to bear arms away from law abiding citizens. It's time that America woke up and stopped being such wusses.

  • For the innocent? Maybe. For the criminals? No.

    Gun Control has long been an issue in the world. If you make laws to take away the guns of course the innocent everyday person will give up their guns. Think about it, when you take away guns from the average person what is going to defend them from criminals. Criminals that don't have anything to loose at it is aren't going to give up their weapons just because a law says so right? Well that is perfectly explainable. Drugs are illegal in the US. Don't people still get drugs? Just because you ban something and make it illegal doesn't mean people will stop doing it. We have no evidence of Gun Control working at all. Yes Australia's crime rate fell when the laws were past but in a few years it went back up because the criminals found ways to get guns. When you compare it to automobile accidents this is a fraction of the causes of deaths. The Government is trying to control the impossible. You can't stop crime because you ban guns. Lets see what happens when you take away the guns from the innocent and the criminals which still have guns just like they do drugs will do.

  • The genie is out of the bottle.

    "Gun-control" only applies to law-abiding people. There are hundreds of millions of guns in the U.S. It is too late to imagine things being like they are in certain other countries where a vastly lesser amount of guns accompanies vastly lesser violent crime.

    If I am a criminal, looking to rob, assault, kill, etc., and I have my choice of two different areas, one without "gun control" and one with it, I am going to go to the one with it. I'd be a fool not to.

    Decreasing the number of guns in the hands of lawful, private citizens, given the number of guns in the hands of criminals, and the easy availability of guns to them, will not bring any amount of things "working" as the question asks.

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