• Yes, Gupta will help sway Obama about medicinal marijuana use.

    Dr. Gupta is working on a documentary about marijuana and its medicinal uses. He used to feel that medical marijuana was largely bogus - a way for recreational drug users to gain access to their drug of choice. He has since discovered studies that demonstrate marijuana's efficacy in the treatment of various diseases and spoken with many people who use the drug for medicinal purposes. His stance has changed because of this, and he cannot help but be persuasive when he shares what he has learned.

  • Gupta Will Not Sway Obama on Marijuna

    No, Gupta will not be able to sway Obama on medical marijuana because allowing medical marijuana on a mass scale would be political suicide. States like Texas, Tennessee, and Arkansas are so adamently against the usage of marijuana that they would not stand for it to be allowed, even for medical purposes.

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