Will having more woman in Congress make a difference?

  • Yes, having more women in Congress will bring more women's issues to the floor.

    Even though the Congress will remain very divided politically, more women can make some difference. The key is for them to support legislation that will benefit women in general. The more they can have others focus on the issues, the better chance that they can make a difference. They just need to stick together.

  • Yes, but to a point

    As a women I would hope having more women in congress would give women rights a chance. But the problem is we always seem to see politicians vote among their party lines no matter how much it might infringe on their own rights. The biggest difference will be made if the women realize that they can step outside the lines.

  • Not really.

    More women in Congress is something we should be working towards, don't doubt me there. But unless something drastic changes overnight, just having more women won't really change anything. The party loyalties are still what remain the most important overall, and that won't change just because of a greater ratio of women to men.

  • It Will Not Make A Difference

    Having more women in Congress will not make a difference. It will be nice to have more women in the positions but people in Congress will still vote and defend beliefs that follow party lines. That is not going to change whether a male or a female holds a seat in Congress.

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