• The Internet is a Winner for HBO

    HBO's decision to offer streaming online only subscriptions is long overdue. For years people have been drifting away from traditional cable services to view programming on the Internet instead. HBO offers a large selection of exclusive programming that will now be available to a grawing rather than shrinking market place. The internet also provides a more efficient and cost effective medium for HBO to provide its programs..

  • Yes, people will quickly purchase stand-alone subscriptions when they become available.

    HBO will see a huge shift in the generation of their revenue once they open access of their library to an a la carte subscription as opposed to being bundled with a cable provider. With the proliferation of online streaming options and customers dropping or minimizing their cable expenditures, in addition to the popularity of their own HBOGO streaming service, cable is dying and HBO should quickly pursue this option.

  • No they won't

    I hate that HBO will only let you watch their shows online. Thats why I go and find free or cheaper and legal online streaming. I don't think that I should have to pay to watch a show just because I can't watch it on HBO when they have it playing. I think netflix rocks and hbo sucks

  • There is already too much competition

    With the internet movie subscription market already well served by existing companies such as Netflix and Amazon, HBO is going to have a lot of trouble breaking into an already oversaturated market. Even the well known industry leader, Netflix, is showing lagging growth after a $1 increase in subscription costs. This shows that in many cases people are not willing to pay a whole lot more for their entertainment, and I think it's overly optimistic to think that many people will subscribe to both Netflix and HBO. While they may offer slightly different programming, ultimately when the season is over and the collection DVD and streaming video is produced, the programming will be available through Netflix and I think people are more likely to wait to watch than pay a premium to see a show a few months earlier.

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