• Yes,healthcare legislation will pass.

    Even though the road to health care has been a treacherous one it will eventually pass.Lawmakers will realize that a healthy population will be a productive population and will actually save the government in the long run because healthy people will be more self-sufficient and will not have to depend on the government as much.

  • Yes, it did.

    Yes, the Affordable Care Act legislation passed and made it through the Supreme Court. Republicans have repeatedly challenged it while wasting tax payer money all while knowing that it would get them absolutely nowhere. The President would just veto it if it did make it through. Also, more and more people are starting to like being insured.

  • Since it already has passed, that would be "yes."

    Welcome to February 2014. Not only has the Affordable Care Act passed, most of it has survived court challenges by evil conservatives. It's in effect, it's working, and Americans finally have the health coverage they were literally dying to get for decades before. Obamacare is the scare title Republicans gave to it, and everyone loves it anyway and uses that name.

  • Yes, it already did.

    Yes, health care legislation will pass, because the overhaul of the American health care system already happened. With the Affordable Care Act, the government now controls the private companies that run health care. In the end, this is a fascist system. It is unfortunate, but yes, health care legislation passed and that degraded the United States health care system.

  • Yes, it has passed.

    The affordable care act has passed and it will stay in place. The majority of the population were having problems getting good health care insurance, and now they are seeing that they can have it at a reasonable price. It is going to be almost impossible to go backwards after this.

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