Will her father's political positions and statements hurt Ivanka Trump's business?

  • Yes, it will to some degree.

    Depending on who supports her business now, she could start losing business because of what her father says and does, particularly if she does not publicly denounce him. She is not going to do this, so it is likely that she is in for a world of hurt in the near future.

  • Trump ditracters will attack Ivanka due to her father

    This presidential election has been the most contentious of any in recent memory. Those who are against Donald Trump have been especially vicious in their attacks on him and any of his supporters. They have physically attacked people and burned a GOP office. They will definitely not support Ivanka's businesses.

  • It has already hurt his business.

    It is almost certain that Ivanka Trump's business will suffer as a result of such a close association with Donald Trump. Over the past few months, people from within his own company have expressed misgivings about using his name and the problems that it could have for their businesses. It is likely that the same thing will happen to his daughter's businesses too.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Ivanka is a very smart businesswoman and she understands that Trump's insistence on political incorrectness is probably not the best thing for her. Ivanka is slowly beginning to reveal her role as an emphatic and gracious character witness for Trump. But even as she steps into the spotlight, experts predict that her role will be limited to protect her personal and professional brand business.

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