Will Hilary Clinton become more aggressive with her campaign against Bernie Sanders?

  • Hilary Clinton will become more aggressive.

    Hilary Clinton will have to become more aggressive in her campaign, simply because she is horrible. Her platforms are so backwards and her view of the "regular" person are so warped and wrong, she has no choice but to become more aggressive in order to surpass Bernie Sanders, who is no prize himself. I sincerely hope that people see Hilary for the she-wolf liar that she is.

  • Hillary Clinton will become more aggresive in her campaign against Bernie Sanders.

    I believe that Hillary Clinton will become more aggressive in her campaign against Bernie Sanders. If she does not then she will lose. I think that Bernie's success as a candidate is a surprise to everyone and I feel that Clinton is working on ways to handle it. I am sure that she will find a way. She probably already has.

  • The real Hillary Clinton will be forced to stand up

    Hillary Clinton has been in the political game for decades. She knows when to fight and she can fight dirty, as noted during the 2008 elections when she ran against Barack Obama. Bernie Sanders will be treated no different. She thinks it is her time to win the White House and become the first Female President of the United States, solidifying her place in history. With Bernie Sanders standing in her way, there is no telling how negative this race will get. Bernie is a force to be reckoned with just like Donald Trump and no one saw him coming either. The race is bound to heat up quickly.

  • Hopefully it will be a balanced campaign

    At this point, with all of the crazy tea party wackos and the giant windbag bully that is Trump, the Democrats need to run a strong but clean campaign. The party needs to be able to work together. The Republicans don't seem to be able to do that, as they constantly bash each other, the Democrats and everyone else. Hilary needs to be strong and assertive without alienating anyone.

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