Will Hilary Clinton's 22 emails being declared 'top secret' by the US government negatively impact her chances at becoming president?

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  • Yes, she needs to be perceived as trustworthy

    Hilary Clinton allegedly used an unsecured home server to send and receive these and other government emails as a matter of convenience but then admitted she had made a mistake. On issues of potential national security, there is no room for careless mistakes of this kind as they reduce her credibility as a trustworthy future leader.

  • Twenty-Two Email Elephant

    The discovery of the 22 emails, which have been declared "top secret" by the US government delving into the information on Hilary Clinton's private server, is Clinton's "elephant in the room". It looms large and shadows her attempt at second run for US President. It would be easier for Clinton to curtail the investigation by simply stating that there was email exchange periodically on information that may be considered sensitive. After wiping the slate clean, she can better pursue her campaign without this same topic coming up over and over again.

  • No, Hilary Clinton' emails being declared top secret will not affect her candidacy

    No, Hilary Clinton's 22 emails being declared top secret will not affect her chances of being elected president. American do not feel that they need to know what is in Hilary Clinton's emails. As she was holding a government office at the time that the emails were sent, Americans understand the need to keep these emails confidential.

  • Not in the long run

    When people get all of the facts they will realize that she is not the only politician of either party to use personal email for business sometimes. Her supporters are too smart to be fooled by Republicans making such a big deal about this. In the long run it may actually help her.

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