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  • No, Hillary Clinton will never release the Wall Street Speeches

    Hillary Clinton has come under pressure to release the transcripts of the speeches she gave to wealthy donors on Wall Street. I don't think she will ever release those transcripts. She is a shrewd politician and knows that if she does release those transcripts, her image as a candidate with the interests of ordinary Americans at heart will be tarnished and undecided Democratic voters will flock to Bernie Sanders.

  • No she will not.

    No she will not unless ordered to by a court of law. To be fair, I would not either because it is nobody's business but hers and the client she worked for. She has nothing to gain from it as nobody trusts her now and they won't after this either.

  • Hillary Clinton will not release speeches

    Hillary Clinton is unlikely to release the text of her speeches to Wall Street firms. Other politicians have not done so, and she is not likely to do so. This is particularly true while Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns, a common practice among those running for president.

  • Hillary Clinton will never release Wall Street speeches.

    The content of Hillary Clinton's Wall Street speeches will be just the kind of evidence that her opponents need to finish her off. Clinton is a member of an elite class of politicians that provides big businesses with all kinds of unfair legal advantages, and whatever she said to them in her speeches will prove that.

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