Will Hillary Clinton Win the 2016 Presidential Race?

Asked by: philosurfer
  • Yes She Will Win!

    If Hillary can separate herself from other mainstream policy maker on the Left, including her husband, and illustrate how she is different on most issues (including Obama-Care) - she will likely win the Electoral & popular vote and the Presidency.

    Further, there are no clear Republican candidates can derail her political machine just yet. The number of Republican candidates coming out of the woodwork is dividing the Right and will cause them to slander each other.

    Hillary's recent comments on Republicans blocking voting rights to younger people and minority folks is indicative of precisely how many American's feel:

    The Republicans are a dying breed & party that needs to be reformed. She is just brave enough to point this out - despite the old and powerful oligarchs lurking on the far Right.

    For the "Good ol' Boys" - money & power are the most important controlling factors. For many of the Left, principle and progress are what's important - not money or power. Unfortunately, one cannot win an election without having both.

    Here are examples of why this is the case:

    Just this week - M. Huckabee insulted transgender folks with his comments. This is the kind of stuff that either A) shows an individuals lack of understanding (their ignorance) on an issue, or B) shows their lack of care or empathy or regard, or C) both.

    Folks are tired or retarded, old party, conservative thinking on matters like these.

    T. Cruz reading Green Eggs & Ham during a filibuster is also along these same lines.

    Americans want "serious" leaders and leadership without the stunts and the BS.

  • Democrats will win, just not hillary

    Hillary isn't left enough to pull in the liberals who are mre left. Bernie Sanders has grown as a popular canidate who has promised to fight big business, has voted for womens rights, and has proven he can be a good president. I believe he will beat Hillary in the primaries

  • Not Hillary Clinton.

    Most of her campaign centers around her gender. She needs to provide a stronger campaign that doesn't center around that. I also think that after Obama (as evidenced by congressional seats right now), America is a little sick of Democrats. I am predicting a Republican president very going into 2016.

  • She won't win because she won't get the nomination.

    Hillary already has a very formidable challenger in the form of Bernie Sanders. His political positions are already popular with most Americans, and he has already gained a strong following on the internet. Given enough time, he will gain the popularity needed to get the nomination, and eventually the presidency.

  • Not Hillary Clinton

    I think a women should be president some time this century. But Hillary Clinton will not win the 2016 race to the white house! She has been unpopular over the years. She has been over the whole email scandal when she was Obama's Secretary of state.

    But overall I think that none of the democrats will win. The party has been unpopular with the support of the anti Obama in most average American households. I think, personally that jep bush or ben Carson or ted cruise will win 2016

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