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  • Clinton's prasing of Nancy Reagan over her AIDS legacy was unfortunate but not worth vilifying her over

    When a prominent public figure dies, other public figures are asked to remark upon the deceased. Then urge is to say something nice about the deceased and pay tribute to their work.
    LGBT groups have criticized her for saying that the Reagans started a national conversation on AIDS and so they should. Her comment ignores the fact that Reagans are believed to have ignored the epidemic that they considered a 'gay' disease.
    She has since apologized for the remark and admitted that she misspoke but it's hardly appropriate to say at someone's funeral that their actions could have contributed to the spread of AIDS.

  • She has all but won already

    Hillary Clinton would have to make a huge gaffe at this point to lose the nomination. She has a commanding lead over Sanders, and is polling to win the Presidency at this point. Clinton has already battled a lot of bad press, including the email scandal and Benghazi. If those things won't take her down, I don't think there is much that will.

  • No, Hillary Clinton will win the election.

    Hillary Clinton has made some controversial comments on the campaign trail, but they will not hurt her chances as she is widely predicted to be elected our next president. The nation's voters will finally wake up to Trump's vicious brand of divisive politics and elect Clinton in a landslide this November.

  • No, Hillary Clinton's controversial comments will not hurt her chances.

    It is my feeling that at this point in the process of the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton is almost absolutely going to be the Democratic candidate. Sure, controversial statements will drive away some voters but lets face hurt; her supporters are going to agree with her and rally behind her even stronger.

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