• I think he will be accepted

    He gon be cepted and stuff and is gon be reel fun. Ya know i done think he gon be accepted cuz he be playin witd them for a reel long time and they didnt have no problems den. I reeally think he gon be accepted cuz his teamates be cool

  • They Certainly Should

    I believe NBA team mates will be forced to accept openly gay Jason Collins, but hopefully most players will be able to accept him fully. I think men can have a particular problem with homosexuality because they are homophobic. I think this will introduce obstacles for Jason Collins, his team, and the league.

  • I believe that they will.

    I believe that most of Jason Collins team mates will accept that he is gay and not treat him any differently than any other member of the team. There have always been gay athletes in sports and I think that most people know this. I think that certain members of the public and certain older coaches and sportscasters are harsher than the team mates would ever be.

  • They don't care.

    Yes, Jason Collins' NBA teammates will accept him, even though he is openly gay, because the players care about themselves and their careers. They do not have time to think about the sexual orientation of the other people on their team. NBA players are professionals and they just want to do their jobs.

  • Yes, all people should be treated equal.

    If they have been able to play with Jason Collins before, then they should have no problem playing with him now. There are many gay members of the NBA, but only some are brave enough to come out. The teams know this, and this is why I believe they'll accept him.

  • Homophobia still exists.

    I do not think Jason Collins team will openly accept him on the NBA team for being gay because homophobia still exists unfortunately. I think many of his team mates will accept him for being gay, but I think several of them will not due to their views about gay rights.

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