• Yes, Technology only improves over time.

    Yes, I believe that holograms are a possibility in the future. How far in the future they will be integrated into society is unknown, but it only makes sense that one day it may be seen. There are already virtual reality machines becoming available and so it is only a matter of time before holographs also become available to consumers.

  • Hologrpahns will be used regulary in the future.

    They have been used various times on CNN. They have even appeared at concerts where singers who have died come back in Holagram forum. Windows came out recently to with their products built around the idea. Windows company said he most advanced holographic computer
    the world has ever known," said Kipman. The headset will be completely
    wireless, with its own high-end CPU and GPU—and it will have a third
    chip, a Holographic Processing Unit, or HPUl".

  • They will probably be most common in business and art.

    The artistic applications of using holograms is already being recognised particularly by installation artists. It is also easy to see how they could be utilised for business presentations and by educators. As the technology improves and becomes cheaper it is not unrealistic to assume that holographs will become ubiquitous in the coming years.

  • Holographs are cheap and easy to produce.

    Holographs are cheap and easy to produce. I don't see any reason why we wouldn't use them instead of flat screens. They only issue is that a three dimensional hologram takes up space, which means there may only be a few rooms in a home where good viewing is possible. Two dimensional screens are still more sensible and space effective than a three dimensional viewable.

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