Will human beings ever fully understand the universe?

  • Forces are the key: Supporting evidence and a real theory and reason to believe. Let's take opinions and guesswork out.

    Every science is connected. At a very primary level, it is forces that determine reality. Force is a bit of an ambiguous term granted however we seek to understand reality currently by it's moving parts. I believe once we understand the very nature of movement or the most basic push pull whatever have you (this is ultra simplistic for the sake of accessibility) then we can unfold the mysteries of nature ultimately from there. I personally believe forces are the most primary form of understanding our reality. It's like we're trying to understand the syntax when we need to look at the semantics. We may never be able to explain why the semantics are as they are but that understanding opens doors that are unimaginable. It's like being given the keys to become the architects of reality and our own universe. Of course sometimes you have to reverse engineer to get to how something works yet I believe we overuse this method of making discoveries. I would point to how when a group of atoms is driven by an external source of energy (like the sun or chemical fuel) and surrounded by a heat bath (like the ocean or atmosphere), it will often gradually restructure itself in order to dissipate increasingly more energy. This could mean that under certain conditions, matter inexorably acquires the key physical attribute associated with life. Here is a link:

    And this my friends is thermodynamics explaining all of existence. It's simple. It's a force. And it is much simpler than our previois understanding of how life evolves and solves the issue of existence altogether; Something we thought was beyong our current reach.

  • Only human conciousness

    Universe is infinite and infinite billions of light years and also expanding into beyond and beyond Unknown! No telescope or satellite or space vehicle can unravel it completely ever by the spacial and temporal limitations. Only human conciousness can understand and unravel the universe in totality, and each human being on its own, has to engage conciousness to unravel the total universe.

  • Mind will take us to the ultimate realization of the universe

    I believe our minds will take us to those immeasurable heavens. We have come a long way and we are continuously evolving. Everyday we make new discoveries in various fields. We are in the basics stage of evolution and Everyday more and more information is adding to our knowledge. I believe in the amazing power of human mind and when we look back we see great minds like Siddharth Gautama, Albert Einstein who have revolutionized the thinking process of human beings. It is important that we develop a culture of mind training. Imagine the knowledge output we would get if we get geniuses like Albert Einstein And issac newton in crores. It would surely speed up our understanding of the universe.

  • We can't know that it's completely impossible.

    So I'm going to give a very cautious yes, providing we exist long enough to explore and model every facet of it. I also think that if we reach that point we'll be so far in the future that we'll hardly be recognizable as the species we are now. For practical purposes, no, but I don't think we have enough information about ourselves or the universe at this point to flat out state that it will always be impossible to understand.

  • Some Day In The Future

    I believe we humans have enough time to learn everything there is to know about the Universe. If we play our cards right we will amass enough technology and know how to inhabit other planets before this one is burned up by the sun. While it's far in the future, I do believe we will have the answers some day.

  • We Can Definitely Understand the Universe

    We already know that the big bang happened (or that everything came from a point) because scientists have traced planets back in the way they are expanding. This is a very far distance. Since we know this much already with out even colonizing Mars yet, we may even figure out what caused the big bang.
    Also, if we ever do figure out how to go at the speed of light, we could probably get rovers and probes, rovers, or even humans genetically engineered to withstand those speeds.
    However, the speed of light is very slow compared to the entire universe. In fact, some people on this website say that the universe is too large to find anything. However, scientists have very recently found that the wormhole theory (in terms of distance) could be possible. (A wormhole is a shortcut through spacetime that connects two distant places and takes a lot of energy. Some think we could get this energy from the sun through solar power.) This could help take us (or a probe or rover) from our solar system to another place millions of light years away very quickly.
    When you look at how far we've gotten today, and analyze the possibilities of the future, you can definitely see how humans may, one day, fully understand the universe.

  • This will never happen.

    Neither a human nor any creature somewhere had understood and will ever fully understand the universe. Universe has no beginning, no end in the space and in time, no one ”controls” it. Mankind will continuously advance in exploration and understanding of universe at an ever increasing pace but our capabilities are not unlimited. And even if they were close to unlimited, intuition tells that no one could comprehend this changing endlessness. Hopefully there will be interesting, amazing discoveries in the not too distant future.

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  • No - it's not possible

    We live and have evolved in a 3 dimensional world. It's impossible for our brains to comprehend a 10 dimensional world. I believe our physical medium is what limits us here and maybe once our energy /soul is released from the physical world - well maybe then we may see the other dimensions the universe so diff has but we cannot see, hear or taste them in our physical state. It's just so much bigger than us and our medium

  • No, we are not as intelligent as we think we are

    I do not think we will get to a point where we can understand this, or if we do, I believe that our earth as we know it will not exist anymore.
    We think we are the major being in this world, animals are below us and we are convinced that we are the most intelligent beings out there. We have created an image of the commonly known "Alien" i.e. green creature and it's battleship, the UFO.
    We have come to understand a lot more about our universe within the past couple of centuries, however, if we once thought that the world was flat, how can we tell that in a couple of more centuries the beliefs that we have NOW will be proven wrong or totally ridiculous?
    If we are the most "intelligent" being that we can think of, how can we be sure that there is nothing even similar to us in one of the other millions of galaxies? To believe that that would be total arrogance!

  • Our brain usage percentage will limit us.

    Because we only use 10% of our brain power as humans, we will never be able to fully understand the universe. Our brain power isn't powerful enough to grasp something this big. The Universe is too in deep and hard to understand. I'm saying that maybe a more advanced version of human descendants may be able to in the future.

  • As a simple byproduct of a event that began everything, now can we expect to understand our past completely

    Science and physics have come a long way. Rational laws governing our universe represent the capability of Nature to be explainable but only to a certain degree. Human common sense tells us that our universe must have a beginning because based on our experiences, everything has a starting point, and presumably an end. However if we don't account for the fact that our reality has phenomena so inconceivably mind boggling, we reduce the miracle that is our world to a simplicity that undermines the grand design behind the structure of the universe. Whether or not there is a grand designer or not is a debate better left alone, due to the lack of evidence to fully support either side. The great thing of science is that it's true whether you believe it or not. The complexity of our universe is not something to be reduces to a single theory because humans capabilities to experiment only reach so far. The body of information collected on the laws of our realm of existence will continue to expand until humans cease to exist. It is hard to believe that one day we will figure all of this out.

  • There will never be an adequate understanding of the universe.

    The closest we have ever gotten to understanding it is theories. The only one I think is true is the Big Bang tracing the galaxies back in time, theoretically, to when the must have been in one central point in the universe. That was over 20 billion years ago, measured in time. However what happens before that? Was there no time? There are too many questions. We could not trace back to before the existence of the universe because there was nothing there. Although, yes, if we did , somehow, miraculously find out the meaning behind the Universe, I'm sure it will be the greatest event in all of mankind. Other than, of course, the creation of the universe and earth and, well, mankind :)
    In the meantime, I will stick with the Bible and believe that the only person that knows the answer to these mysterious questions is God!

  • Comprehension is not at play

    We have not the capabilities to understand what is totally alien to us...Our mindset is not close to par with understanding the complexities of the universe...Having the proper tool-kit is a priority but unfortunately Hubble is still a far cry as to what is needed..Where do we start.? The truth is the entire matter is many years beyond our understanding..

  • It's plain simple

    At the current state, the human mind isn't constructed to grasp this kind of information. Its logic is not within our comprehension ability to understand what it is and how it works or why it is the way it is. One can only wish they would someday meet the one behind this great construction.

  • No

    The universe is always expanding. There is still and always will be much to be learned. Don't get me wrong, we ARE uncovering more and more about different topics. For example, in the 1930s, doctors believed that the Common Cold was a bacteria. these days, we have the technology to understand that the disease is a virus. Also, we have discovered that there are new virus forms of the cold each year, yet we have reached a point in which we cannot 100% identify them. Therefore, no, my prediction states that a complete and orderly understanding of the universe will never be in order of occurring.

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