Will human energy consumption and the search for alternative fuels be the downfall of our planet?

  • Yes, because we are too far behind in developing alternative fuels

    Some scientists say we passed peak oil in the 70's, and all agree we are past it now. Our stubborn refusal to acknowledge the future need for alternative fuels and to spend money to develop those sources is leading us to desperate measures, such as fracking. If we had started developing alternative sources, such as algael fuels, when we first passed peak oil, we would have been fine, but now it is too late. We can never catch up, and are doomed to go back to the age of horses and buggies if something is not done.

  • Yes we are using too much energy

    We are using too much oil today that we could easily use it all up very fast. When we search for fuel we can have spills which kill living things especially with the oceans. I think if we keep on searching and demanding all this energy fuel we could ruin this planet. Alternative fuel is important to find but we need to be careful and not abuse the planet.

  • We always want more

    Yes, human energy consumption and the never ending search for the other sources of fuel will be the downfall of this planet. We seem to never be able to have enough of anything. Society has become so money hungry, that it has decided to sacrifice the earth, our only place of dwelling, for energy which will be useless if there is no place to use it. We have to ensure that we have a planet for the future or energy will be not be a factor.

  • We are making progress.

    No, the search for alternative fuels will not be the downfall of our planet, because alternative fuels are positive things for the environment. Alternative fuels are ways that we can use less oil. If we run out of oil, we will find other methods for energy, such as wind energy. Nuclear energy is renewable too. It really isn't a crisis.

  • Planet Will Be Fine

    I do not believe that human energy consumption and the search for alternative fuels will be the downfall of Earth. The problem with global warming and energy use is the fact that we may be changing the climate on Earth and in turn it may become inhabitable to us. That doesn't however mean that the Earth will automatically explode just because we couldn't survive any longer.

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