Will Humans and Technology overall exist 1,000 years from the present?

Asked by: Frankiepies
  • We are in for a bumpy ride though

    Although if you look at the world around us (especially in the west) you will automatically get the feeling that this century will certainty be a memorable one. Financial collapse, global warming, the possibility of new superpowers, north america "reshuffling" on the map, immigration problems, civil wars, and global warming will give our generations (future and present) one hell of a bumpy ride.

    However, as long as their is oxygen to breathe, soil to grow food, and water to drink humans are fairly durable creatures. For all God knows we could have invented warp drive by 3000 AD and we leave earth all together. Therefore, it is likely that we are going to stick around for a while.

  • Technology is our future

    Technology will take over our world at the worst. Because tech is smarter than us. It's like comparing the smartest dog to the dumbest human, there is just no competition. And if the weak human race doesn't make it in the next 1000 years, than tech will. Tech may even be the end of the human race, like I am talking computers taking over the world. We are literally getting worse and worse each day, increasing our carbon footprint each day. Now, everyone's always telling people how we need to stop, reduce our usage of everything, but really, the earth will not die because of puny humans. But we will. Humans could not destroy something as big as planet earth, but we kill ourselves. I am not sure if I might be getting off topic with this, but I am only 13, so disregard me if you like. But anyways, we are only a drop in the immense bucket of time, just another species that once ruled the earth. Thanks, and have a nice day!

  • We are on thin ice for now, though I believe we can make it.

    For years, humans have said that the end of life is nearing, though it has never happened. Sure, species become extinct, it may even come to us. It's just a matter of how long it will be. Humans have existed for a few hundred thousand of years, compared to Earth's existence of 4.6 Billion years. Dinosaurs, all mesozoic, jurassic, paleozoic, triassic, etc. were here. Due to volcanic/space activity, they were wiped out, though it took millions of years for it to occur. Although the dinosaurs had no contribution to their mass extinction, the same could happen to us, with nuclear capability flying around everywhere. It could be our ultimate demise, the dinosaur's asteroid is our nuclear explosion.On the other hand, we could always inhabit other areas, such as planets, maybe even galaxies, if we ever arrive at the right time of humanity's creations. There are ways we can sustain longer, like we have so far, and we can do much more if need be. We are just in the earlier stages, all we need is time for the great fantasies we have always dreamed about to become a reality. This is my opinion on the subject, and i look forward to hearing yours. Good day.

  • Technology cannot override man. If we are the creators, we can also be the destroyers of it.

    AI may kill us, but we are the creators, so we can destroy our own work. IT is a lot like countries. Countries rise due to beliefs, and fall due to their beliefs. I see a future of man and tech staying together, however AI will not exist. Instead, it will be technology treated as a friend, not a slave.

  • We will be destroyed by an alien army from the planet Krypton.

    The disruption in the universe caused by methane levels reaching the outer atmosphere will be our downfall. This change in gas levels will cause the alien population of Krypton to become infuriated with the way we eat beans. This in turn will force them to take imminent action on the population of earth for the purpose of saving the universe from extinction.

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