• It's so obvious that it's dumbfounding.

    First off, it's unclear what it is you're implying by distinctive. Evolving is the ability to develop gradually from a simple to more complex state. Saying we haven't "distinctively" evolved is a misnomer. We've evolved socially to a great extent. The living situation nowadays have improved and changed drastically since the past century. Hygiene and diets have also changed. Technology greatly influence our daily lives changing the way we live, eat and even think. Saying it has to be distinctive is laughable. It can be seen inside your own home. Even looking outside you'll see that things have changed. Thus it's rather clear that we've distinctively evolved. In reference to physical evolution. Yes, we've also distinctively evolved. Again, our diets, access to medical facilities, hygiene did wonders for the human body. Life expectancy has jumped twice fold, even three times over since the classical era. Undiscovered illnesses and diseases since the past century have been observed in the past decade. Diabetes is a prime example.

  • It's simply self-centered to imagine we are the end result.

    We call ourselves by the ever so modest name homo sapien, which means wise man. But there were also many, many other types of humans, other members of the homo genus as recently as 12,000 years ago
    Would it be safe to assume that the homo sapiens could branch out? Yes. We are hardly perfect, there are hundreds of massive genetic handicaps. We ourselves are profoundly different to the earlier homo sapiens- our brains are significantly larger, for instance. Our intestines are shorter, we have smaller teeth, and a few other differences you'd find odd to see today. The most obvious one of course being forehead size.

    What early homo sapiens would have looked like


    A more gruesome image of the skull difference between modern and archaic homo sapiens-


  • Sure why not,

    Humans will have to eventually evolve if they aren't destroyed yet, they - atleast for now- do not have a huge need to evolve genetically, they are very adaptable to their enviorment - and is able to survive almost all enviorment on earth (by building houses and stuff), so, they might not distinctly evolve in near time future but they will be distinctly evolve eventually.

  • Anyone who would say no is being ridiculous.

    It won't be any time in the near future, but as long as humans find a particular set of traits attractive (such as facial features and height), humans with those traits are more likely to pass on their genes and the features will become more pronounced as time goes on. It is ludicrous to think evolution will just stop after continuing without fail ever since the first life formed on Earth.

  • There is no way we can prove that humans will evolve distinctly in the future

    I agree that humans do evolve in order to adapt, but there are no such things that can prove that humans will ever evolve much further than what we are today.
    To decide whether humans will evolve distinctly, we need to look back at the past. But first off all,
    Here is the definition of the evolution:
    Evolution is change in heritable traits of biological populations over successive generations.

    So it is something that inherited genetically. Something such as amount of teeth or anything like that is the result of the change of behavior that distinguish what humans now and what humans in the past which inherited down the generations. Humans do that in order to adapt.
    But that doesn't mean that humans even evolve distinctly in the past, there is no witness with such a lifespan to be able to tell events from the past.
    There is no one can prove that humans evolve from apes. What we have now is the remains of dead bodies from the past that people call evidence of human evolution.
    In my opinion, it is possible that those remains (e.G. Skeleton, bones, teeth) came from another species which are already extinct back then.
    Another question is, how can apes still exist by now?
    Why would humans evolve from apes in order to adapt while can still be able to adapt as apes.
    Again, I believe that humans do evolve, but maybe it is not that distinct

    Therefore, that is almost impossible to verify that humans will ever evolve distinctly in the future.

  • I don't know enough to be honest but in my way of thinking....

    So evolution works in the way of natural selection right therefore meaning that those who are adapted naturally to their environment best will survive and pass on those qualities... So it works with animals such as Angler fish etc. Will it ever happen to humans....Again? I mean we're 'so intelligent' that we can adapt to most environments but not naturally by my understanding

  • Most people pass on genes now

    If most people survive and pass on their genes, then a particular set of genes wouldn't be more likely to appear. Evolution is most often a result of necessity. We try to keep all humans alive, so we don't have that same necessity. Someone with a particular trait isn't more likely to survive.

  • Is there any tangible evidence that we evolved in the first place?

    There is no evidence whatsoever that evolution has taken place( Macro Evolution that is.) And no I'm not talking about supposed missing links which have been disproved or Galapagos Finches which is micro "evolution" not macro. Thank you for hearing me out and may God show you the truth friends.

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