• Plastic plastic plastic

    90% of the fish in the oceans is gone going from 1950 to 2050. Each person eats a couple pounds of plastic each year, Even washing polyester is plastic into the oceans. No one is saying now to early extinction. Isn't the potential time here worth extending, Earth is so cool.

  • Pollution is decreasing the years until extinction

    We are men too go extinct yes but we are decreasing our years on earth by far. I mean, People are dying prematurely and it’s become a norm, Not only by obesity but by disease, Unhygienic air and so forth. People are killing themselves due to them seeing the deaths of children, The homeless, The innocent and to those just ignoring the facts and issues, Ignorance is bliss because it doesn’t take a lot to turn the blind eye and act like all we do is humane. How can we decrease suicide rates, Extinction and depression all at once? REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! That’s how.

  • Chances look Dire

    Dr. Sean O'Heigeartaigh worries about AI and nanotechnology killing us. Nat. Geo. Worries over the 6th mass extinction. Dr. Frank Fenner worries about us ending like the people on Easter Island. Professor Daniel Rothman says there is a "disturbing parallel" between today's current condition to that of the Great Dying. We are killing our own planet, and we barely have enough time to escape it.

  • Everything Goes Extixct

    Nothing can last forever, not even us humans. In fact, everyday humans seem to be shortening their lifespan instead of lengthening it. The way we treat the planet is the quick way to extinction. Many people seem not to be worried though because they believe God will save them. The question is... why would God save people who destroyed what he/she made?

  • Humans Will Eventually go Extinct

    The human race is growing at an exponential rate and will exceed the Earth's carrying capacity (the maximum number of people the world can physically support) within 150 years. When this point gets near, people will begin to likely fight over limited resources (water and food being paramount) and will likely start world-wide war.

  • Yes the human race will die out one day.

    There have been several mass extinction events in the history of planet earth and it is pretty much inevitable that humanity will go extinct, and most likely by our own doing. The most likely cause of our downfall will be our hand in climate change and will make our civilization unsustainable.

  • Yes we will

    Since we are slowly destroying our atmosphere, we will slowly destroy the human race. Also, eventually the sun like every star, will grow until a certain age where it will be so huge that it explodes. When that happens, it will mark the end of the human existence for sure.

  • Of course we will.

    I don't know when humans will go extinct, but it is an inevitability. It is going to happen eventually. And if we don't either reverse global warming or move off of this planet, it will be sooner or later. Also, just for the fun of it, one day the universe will die a heat death and everything will be dead.

  • Who knows, But my opinion

    Humans are a very one of a kind mammal, History of how everything came to be or if there are people like us out there is yet still unknown but everyday we reach 1 inch closer to finding out and by the time our planet is ruined we may find other new planets and technology to keep humans in robot bodies or freeze them in time. But I believe that god made us to experience the wonderful earth and created new planets for us to be curious and explore.

  • The earth will die out

    The time that we die we can't stop it. Time is going to tell us when we die like the bees die out out and humans will die after them. I think that we are not going to die if mother naught say so or earth will tell us that time.

  • We will die out

    I think we will die out but then evolve from chimps again! So I think it is one big life cycle that in order to complete we have to die and then be evolved again! But by the time the sun explodes and takes earth with it we will have the skills and the knowledge to got and live in different planets!!

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