Will humans ever make contact with extraterrestrial beings?

  • With the size of the universe being so large, it's highly unlikely that we will never meet anyone else from somewhere else in the universe.

    The size of the universe is so big, going on and on forever, that it's almost virtually impossible that we would never make contact with extraterrestrial beings. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if we were to become extinct before meeting them, then again, I also wouldn't be surprised if we already have met them, but it has been covered up by the government or something. I mean, where do all of those science fiction stories come from like Men in Black? You never really know.

  • The size of the universe and the planets that are in it. Plus our technology is advancing in so many ways.

    Our universe as we know is always growing a constant rate with new planets, stars,etc. You have to admit that it would be a shame for so much space made for only one race don't you think. Our technology has advanced and we might actually start t colonize or attempt to settle on mars we have found other planets that can possibly have life or e able to sustain it, meaning something or someone has to be on it whether its if its full grown or just starting. Earth has sent drones into the depths of space and we have gone to our moon which was just the tip of the iceberg. Plus we believe and have some proof that many meteorites or debris that come from space and crash onto the surface of Earth contain unknown bacteria and sadly can have diseases that's why when large debris comes down from space we have to handle it very carefully. So yes it is very possible for humans to come in contact with extraterrestrials or even extraterrestrials to come in contact with us that's the question you should really be asking yourself.

  • It'a a matter of time for contact

    Given the nature of technological advances, mankind is at the brink of establishing contact with an advanced intelligence from a nearby star system. This unique event the will catapult and unite mankind into exploring the universe to learn more about how life evolves on earth-like planets within our stellar neighborhood.

  • Yes.

    The odds of us being alone in a universe that is infinitely expanding, infinitely gaining new stars and solar systems, and infinitely gaining new possibly inhabitable bodies is almost infinitely small.

  • The probability of life on other planets is incredibly high.

    We have good idea about the number of planets in the galaxy, and while I cannot remember what that number is, it is pretty large. There is bound to be *some* non-earth planet out there that is in the Goldilocks zone and has all the other ingredients for life. It would be more improbable if there wasn't another earth-like planet than otherwise.

    However, I think that this discussion should not focus on life-sustaining planets, but on whether or not civilization could survive long enough to meet ET. In other words, we should be talking about the L part of the Drake equation, or whether species of intelligent life are prone to nuking themselves out of existence. I, personally, am optimistic about this.

  • Yes, because there has to be life on other planets.

    There has to be life on other plants, and it's just a matter of time before we make contact with other beings on other plants. The government needs to reopen our space programs, so we can explore more. Their is a need to explore, so we can find out what is waiting for us.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader
  • Space is never ending, therefore, there has to be other life.

    To think that we are the only living things in infinite space is egotism, to the highest factor. One day, we will make contact with other life forms.

    Posted by: 5c0tJung
  • Given the size of the universe, it is impossible to assume we are the only life form, therefore, sooner or later, we will make contact with extraterrestrial beings.

    Given our current technology and the rate of advancement at which we discover new technology, we should be able to locate other beings that inhabit the universe in the very near future. If not us, it is totally feasible that other beings will make contact with us first, if they haven't already done so, based on UFO sightings.

    Posted by: HospitableEdgar46
  • By what means?

    Unless we develope some way of warp travel the possibility of making contact is slim to none. Even if there is a way to travel faster then light we are millenia away from reaching it, unless of course we get visited first and they give away their technology. Good day.

  • We are not alone.

    With that being said, do I think human will ever make contact with extraterrestrials beings? Probably not. Considering the history of human species, coming from a single cell organism into a well developed species with ability to search for life beyond our planet is a very special transition. Millions of other species that co-exist with us, some have been here much longer than us and even if they survive another 100 of millions of years, they will never be able to develop a way to contact with extraterrestrials from another planet. It is futile for us to try to get a respond from these unintelligent creatures even if they do live on some habitable planets. Furthermore, the gaps between space is unimaginably vast and with our current technology, we wont be able to cover much of the universe which limited our chances to spot an extraterrestrial beings.

  • IDK

    its impossible to have an opinion on something we have no idea about

    Posted by: TUF

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