• yes we will

    Yes, I think that one day we will visit another planet, and we will go around on it exploring to see if there is any new elements or anything that we can harvest and bring back here to help with problems that we have on the earth as it is.

  • Humans will visit another planet.

    At some point in the future humans will be visit another planet, and that planet will most likely be Mars. NASA has been exploring Mars already, and when technology advances slighlty it will be possible to have a manned mission visit Mars. There are potential resources on that planet that may be too tempting to resist.

  • We've Already Made It To The Moon

    I believe humans will visit another planet in the future. It looks as though Mars will be our first target as discussions about a one-way trip are being discussed. I think if we fund space exploration more we could make more improvements to speed this process up. In the future, I think we'll also be able to visit other planetary systems.

  • We're very close.

    Yes, humans will visit another planet, because we are very close to having what we need to visit Mars. It is not far away on the horizon that humans will take a trip to Mars. We have the flight technology, we only need to develop the supply mechanism and make sure that humans can withstand that much time in a confined space.

  • visit another planet?

    There is third obstacle we would have to surmount if humans like us were to colonize another planet even after we’d found it. That’s the problem of getting there in the first place. To put this in perspective, it was a mere four centuries ago that Europeans began sailing across the Atlantic to what we now call the Americas. It was a perilous journey that thousands did not survive. Many ships were lost at sea, and illness killed many more on the journey.

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