• We Doing It Right Now

    Well, as a race, we are always evolving. Of course no single individual evolves, but as generations go by we slowly change genetically on the whole. Now exactly how evolution will pan out for us is a complicated topic, and I'd be interested to find out if each new generation is more homogenous than the last (in terms of physical biology) because of globalization.

  • In time we will.

    Humans right now are alright just the way they are. But in the future, when we have much more advanced civilizations, we need to adapt by adding some different parts to our body or evolve naturally to be able to deal with the current situation that we may face in the future.

  • I doubt it.

    Tho some may say that we are evolving as a society, tho we are changing I would say it is closer to de-evolving at this point. Instead of unifying as a people, we are becoming more and more divided. Sure, maybe some day, we can get back on course and maybe some day we will physically evolve. Thing is, at the rate we are going and with the weaponry that mankind has today, we are more likely to cause our own extinction.

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