• Yes, showed Obama cared

    Yes, president Obama showed after this storm that he was involved in the relief efforts and cared about how people were faring after the storm. Actually, president Obama probably lost some votes because voters couldn't get to the polling stations. He probably would have won by a bigger margin. Also many undecided voters may have turned to Obama's way.

  • As you already saw, in ways yes it did effect it

    People in New York and New Jersey struggled to be able to vote during this election due to the storm. Whether it had a bearing on the outcome or not is up for debate, but it definitely had some role on their ability to vote at the very least. So yeah Hurricane Sandy did effect the election, in a small way if nothing else.

  • Stepping Up

    Yes, hurricane Sandy will affect the election in at least two ways. There will be many voters who will not take part in the voting process this year due to the effects of Sandy. Also, if Barack Obama handles this crisis well, many undecided voters could be won over and decide to vote for him. The fact that he made a decision to stop campaigning this close to the election to handle the crisis says much about him.

  • No, the hurricane will not effect the election.

    Polls are generally allowed to stay open longer when there are extreme circumstances and none of the states effected were very important as far as the electoral college and current voting trends go. The state that could significantly affect the elections if they have a hurricane would be Florida. If their ballots are not counted with the rest of the country, then we may have to delay announcing a winner for a while.

  • I doubt it

    I truly feel like Hurricane Sandy will not make that much of an impact on the election. There won't be enough time in between the election and the clean up efforts of the Hurricane to decide if the current president did everything that he could to assist. With the ability to have early voting, I think that perhaps Americans on the east coast planned ahead and hopefully cast their votes prior to the storms arrival.

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