• Hurricane Sandy effected Voting

    How could the hurricane not have effected voting? millions of people who would have voted plunged into crisis, and there priority was to stay alive and provide for their families, not cast a vote that holds little relevance. To think that sandy didn't prevent voters from voting is insane. Sandy devastated thousands of lives and disenfranchised those individuals.

  • In the midst of a crisis, survival takes precedence over politics.

    Some victims will extend every effort to vote, regardless of crisis. However, I think there is a large number of victims who will not be voting due to a variety of reasons. Many people are staying elsewhere and do not have absentee ballots, some have lost or misplaced their identification due to the storm, and some are simply much too involved with caring for and rebuilding their lives that the election simply cannot take priority. Voting rules and locations should drastically be altered in these areas, with volunteers assisting victims to ensure that they are able to vote.

  • Meeting Basic Needs Outweighs Civic Duty

    It is my opinion that unless there are arrangements made to extend voting deadlines in affected states, voter turnout may be much lower in states hit by hurricane Sandy.

    Early voting options might not have been available or not taken advantage of prior to the storm. Now that the storm has passed, most of the victims are thinking about meeting the basic needs of food and shelter while dealing with the shock of having their homes and lives upturned. Transportation may be difficult or impossible. Polling places may not have power or adequate amounts of paper ballots to provide people that do make it in to vote.

  • Yes, Hurricane Sandy caused so many problems that it is likely to keep people from voting

    Unfortunately, I do believe that the effects of Hurricane Sandy will keep some people for voting in the 2012 election. With so many people without essentials like water and power, it is hard to believe that all of the people affected will be able to make it out to the polls on election day with so many pressing issues to deal with.

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