• Elon Musk is building a test hyperloop in Texas

    Musk announced he will begin construction of a test loop, most likely in Texas in the coming year. At the very least, the test version will be a reality, which will be enough to begin construction of the loop in earnest. It will also enable investors who are on the fence to help make the full loop a reality.

  • Great project but will take time.

    People love Elon Musk's big ideas, the Hyperloop is one of his most amazing but will take time. Building the infrastructure will be challenging and he will need a lot of things to go his way very quickly to get this done by 2017. Usually that doesn't happen, there are always local politics yjay get in the way and he will be butting heads with some people over this.

  • Too complicated too soon

    With an estimated $6 billion in costs, and bugs that still haven't been thwarted, it's my opinion that hyperloop will be used well after the year 2020. With high costs and unproven technology, I'm actually pessimistic about hyperloop ever coming to fruition. The complicated technology and massive cost demands means this system will take more time to develop.

  • It's just a concept.

    No, Hyperloop will not be a reality by the year 2017, because it is just a concept. For fast transportation systems to be developed, years of planning and approvals needs to be put into place. It might happen one day, but too much would need to fall into place for it to happen by 2017.

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