• Imposing a sugar tax could help obesity

    After thinking about my own purchase habits I do believe a tax on sugary foods would help curb obesity. Many times I have decided to buy the more unhealthy food because it is cheaper and will not go bad after 3 days. For the most part unhealthy sugary foods are cheaper than healthy foods. If the prices were similar because of a tax it may cause more people to go for the healthy option.

  • No sugar tax

    A sugar tax will destroy jobs and the economy. It destroyed the economy in Mexico and Denmark and will without a doubt completely and utterly destroy the Irish economy. A tax in Denmark made people travel to Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands just to get fizzy drinks and chocolate bars.

  • Sugar Tax will not stop obesity

    Adding a sugar tax will not help curb obesity. People will buy it regardless of the price. It is a serious problem that people will buy no matter what the price is. Instead, cheaper options of healthier food should be made to give people better options for food than just food with a lot of sugar.

  • No, Taxs will never crub any human habits

    Putting taxes on sugars will not help to curb obesity but it help the economy of the country, because if we look on the taxes of the tobacco we see that all people who smoke cigarettes never stopped the smoke and they start to save there money and they have stopped to buy initial product to buy with those money cigarettes.

  • Imposing a sugar tax would not help curb obesity.

    Yes, sugary foods are a cause of obesity, but taxing it wouldn't decrease the amount people consuming it. Just like cigarettes, if people crave it they will get it. Also, sugar isn't the only thing making obesity a problem. Foods saturated with fat and high cholesterol options also lead to obesity, so people would just consume those things as an alternative.

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