• There’s nowhere to go but to stay home

    Okay if we have incest (with over age of consent) then maybe the families could bond much better
    For example if everyone’s fighting at home and yelling at each other because no one can go out
    Just imagine if they just got naked and then got down and dirty with each other?
    I mean if it helps mentally and everyone consents and enjoys it then where’s the harm?
    It would be a lot better than them risking they kill each other!

  • Oh heck no!

    Incest is bad! I really hope yall are joking because families should not get down and dirty and do orgies or whatever. No one is gonna die. Bonding is a good idea, But incest is just messed up. Sex is supposed to be done with someone we are not related to. The point of sex it to spread genes, Not to keep it in the family. Also incest should never be accepted. Even if it's a cultural thing or whatever, IDC, That's not how things work. Don't do that with your family. If you are horny, Sext your partner, Jack off to porn if you are old enough. Or just be patient. After this pandemic, You can go out and find as much hot girls or guys you want. Incest is not natural. Also for those of yall who think incest is good, Go fall down a flippin' flight of stairs nutbrain. Incest is for dirty animals, And dirty animals should be euthanised. I am joking about hurting yourself, But go seek a therapist. People who participate in incest have problems.

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