• Yes i support india

    India can be corruption free if we work hard towards it.
    And according to me if we support our prime minister mr. Narendra modi we can have a corruption free india. But for this the youth of india will have to change their mindset about it . We will first have to learn to be loyal towards our master

  • I do agree

    The point is with the youngsters coming onto the streets and realizing the fact that corruption is badly affecting India, they are trying to create awareness amongst people. Once people get to know the consequences of corruption, and culminate it with their moral ethics definitely corruption will be uprooted. This may not occur in one single day but we need to have the patience to bear with the people and make them understand that how it is affecting the entire nation.

  • By following our laws

    Indian constitutional rules is better than other countries
    there are many laws in our constitution .
    Enforcement of laws is done correctly the corruption a giant destroying many lives would be firmly removed from India there is no need to enact new laws.So please dont say we want to enact new laws

  • Do agree with it.

    Yes I do agree that India will become a corrupt free country. The only thing this country need is to open their eyes. Corruption is such a thing that cannot be disrooted once and for all, all we need is to make people know what and how eradication may help. And if such thing may not be helpful than taking a strict action may surly have some effect on people , as so done in china, and people held having corruption should be put under bars. We have some hope from Modi's government .

  • It's universal truth that after the night the day or the light will come.

    Absolutely india will become free of corruption the recent issues like delhi's election results and anna's movement against corruption which has got a large support all over india shows that people in india especially the youth is having the greatest regret about the current scenario and the politics.Youth is real strength of any nation so if the youth power is channelized in this regard it's very sure that india not only becomes corruption free but also lead the world not only economically but also spiritually and in all aspects.

  • Yes, if free markets continue.

    Yes, India will eventually become a corruption-free country, because as the economy develops, people will not tolerate corruption. People there are already making strides on the issues of women's rights, among other things. As their economy shows them the wealth they can have, they will slowly makes strides towards a more just society, so that they can enjoy their wealth.

  • I am an engineer. I am free from corruption

    To root out corruption would mean to change the system. And this cannot take place overnight.
    What we need is a revolution; a rebellion in its entirety.  
    The government has already taken measures such as demonetisation to reduce corruption.
    I am an enginner. And first of all we should take action on that is we change our mind then we take pray from God that I want to be corruptfree man or women

  • It will be

    Yes, India will be a corruption country. But it possible only when, When we try hardfor it. It depends on us. Yes, It takes a lot off time and also not easy but it's not impossible. If we will try hard so surly it will happen. There is a need of raising voice against corrupter.

  • Yes it will be

    India will be a corruption free country. If we raise our voice against corrupter. Yes it takes lots off time and its not easy but it's not impossible. It's possible if we try. Everything depends on us. Only young generation can do this. Because they are the future of India.

  • It is easy to eliminate corruption from india

    It is easily possible to eliminate corruption from india just we need is unity and strength. I am sure everyone of us have heard about the phrase that says" unity is strength". Now it is the time to make this phrase truth by eliminating corruption from india. All the best.

  • No unless we change ourselves

    It will take nearly 20 years if we want to really move away from corruption. It is in the hands of the young generation . It is in their hands . If we really use the black money which is with the rich we will be in the first place in everything

  • India becoming a corruption free country is likely impossible

    At first i would like to mention that corruption is the price we all pay for democracy.And Indi being the largest democracy in the world we are paying a very large amount for our democratic country.According to a latest news report from a tabloid ,"India has large sums of black money in the swiss bank,than all the remaining world countries COMBINED"which clearly outlines the fate of our beloved mothercountry...

  • Strongly No !!

    Three keys helps to free from corruption as said by our esteemed ex-president of India Mr. Kalam and those three keys are Mother, Father and Teacher. All these three keys are also part of our culture and not external and our culture also evidenced that our society believes in payoffs. Eg. If you get passed in exams you go and may be present sawa kilo prasad in Mandir or if fail then say hate words. I believe here a black is recognized as black till we can see white. Even if your economy improves, corruption can't be taken out completely. The society man kind formed long long time ago, Corruption and prostitution can never be washed away totally from any country.

  • No it will not

    I do not think it is possible for India or any country for that matter to become a corruption free country. I mean look at the middle ages how strict the punishments were back then and yet there was still corruption in the world because corruption will exist as long as Satan does.

  • No, I don't think India will become a corruption- free country

    I definitely don't think that India will become a corruption - free country, let alone any country in the world for that matter. I believe corruption will always exist. Do I believe that corruption in India will decrease in the next 20 -30 years? Yes, but in no way shape or form will it be a corruption free country.

  • India biased country.

    India is a very dangerous country. Indian army routinely breaks into Kashmiri, Assame people house and has been known to rape Chinese, Kashmiri Women. Indian people want favored treatment when they travel the world but give shit to foreigners when they are in India.

    I was in India some time back and smoking a cigarette near the wash room on a train and the policeman said that I was doing something wrong. There are a lot of restrictive laws in India where simple things like food, Taking a shit, Smoking a cigarette, Sex and basic things can become very difficult.

    It will take HUMANITY thousands of years to become stable, Peaceful and creatures with HALO. Most people around the world looking for easy answers.

  • In a Utopian world, Maybe.

    India will never be free of corruption because unfortunately, Our politicians think less about the country and more about their bank accounts. They are in politics because it's easy money.
    India lacks equity and fairness. With a population as large as ours, Yes it is difficult to provide but until provided, India will not be corruption free.
    One crucial factor behind this is that most of the youth has already accepted that our country is hopeless when it comes to reducing or eliminating corruption and finds it a waste of time to even try.
    Another thing is that at some point or another, We all resort to under the table transactions. Giving a hundred rupee note to the traffic police may be a petty contribution to the elaborate web of corruption, But it is a contribution nevertheless. So, Almost without realising, We let our country get corrupt.

  • A Fantasy Far From Reality

    After having done extensive research on this topic I conclude that India become corruption free is, Was, And will remain a dream. Yes many people do raise their voices once in a while but they are suppressed by the thousands of more powerful, More corrupt people. As they say money and power can buy the world.

  • It's Vicious Circle

    To end the corruption is in the hands-of corrupt people-Politicians, Bureaucrats, Businessmen- PBB. Who'll cut-off a well-paying stream of income? In India, rules are made by PBB. It's all philosophical but NOT practical to say a common-man can make a difference. Yeah say-er's are living in optimistic illusion. Wake up

  • Yes if government wants like that

    When we found all the government employees corrupted then we found the only way to get free from corruption is to ask help from our elected minister's. But we found they're the main mastermind of it and they don't care of your complaint regarding the corruption. Even they will make blueprint to kill the complainant.

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