• India will be corruption free.

    Yes India will be corruption free .
    It's start with us if we will not make any corruption there will be not any corruption. Corruption is make by us in every simple problem e
    when we feel need we offering money to anyone to find way to solve out problem.
    There is no problem in government problem in our system and our thought.
    We try to make our work in easy way and we start offering money....

  • Yes, India can become corruption free India. It is like charity begins at home, so individually should be principally fall in line.

    The digitization will make the system transparent. The citizens of India are slowly raising their voice, We should support such people. The supporting indicator is the latest World Bank report. However, to make it effective, we should have the stronger law by making effective provisions to protect the whistle blower not just by physical protection but also by paying remuneration for presenting the issue in relevant fora / in case of homicide.

  • Raise ur voice!

    India can become a corruption free country if we change ourselves. Most people say that no one is saying anything about it then why should we waste our time . It's not the wastage of time . People don't raise their voice first and then complains about the government that they don't do anything. WHAT WILL THE GOVERNMENT DO IF U ONLY NOT RAISES UR VOICE AGAINST IT!!!!! THE LAST THING IS " U ONLY CHANGE YOURSELF , THE COUNTRY WILL CHANGE AT ITS OWN. BUT FOR CHANGING THE PEOPLE'S MIND U HAVE TO CHANGE UR MIND AND RAISE UR VOICE AGAINST CORRUPT PEOPLE!!!!!

  • Definitely Yes if We..!

    Corruption not only taking either bribes or giving bribes but dishonesty towards our duties, indulged in unethical & fraud activities.
    For instances,
    As a Teacher, he /She should focus to teach each student effectively and working hard to achieve positive results.
    As a Doctor, He/She should treat patients honestly regardless of treating patients like business professional.
    Lists go on for farmers, students, politicians...
    All we can do. We have to change ourselves from above at any cost, Then try to educate and convince others about it. Once we come out from its, We can dream for Corruption free India. We can observe India as developed country within decades and India will be living place like a heaven.

  • Yes it can be

    We can make India corruption free if we try hard first in our life then outsides if we do not let any one take bribes and do not give them too we can stand in a line but we try not to we bribe the officer and do our work and go away .We should first control ourselves

  • Yes it will be!

    You cannot expect scamming parties to make India corruption free, they are only here to support the corp-orates and be insensitive to the public by continuing high price rise, its crystal clear, you can see the scams in wikipedia involving major parties. How can you vote someone who is involved with scammers? AAP is here to make India corruption free and corrupt parties are doing everything they can to dismantle AAP. But they will fail. Only truth will triumph in the end.

  • Only if !

    India will never be corruption free nor be developed country unless it should have a ruler like Joseph Stalin or any other ruler similar to him or it should be under the military rule. There is a chance that India will be great if it is under monarchy. It all depends on the youth hands whether India will be developed or destroyed.

  • Good for public good for india ( I love my India)

    By the the help of anti corruption our honourable cm Arvind Kejriwal ji has came up to help india become corruption free through this protest some heartly persons would have shown respect to make India corruption free. Through this i conclude that we the citizens of India should or will help our cm to go ahead with this mission anti corruption.Therefore i will support our cm
    Thank you

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  • Be the change to make the change

    India will become corruption free but only on one condition that is the people feel the need of a corruption free India.Development will occur when we feel the need to be developed.And most importantly our next generation feels how important it is for a topic like corruption to be completely eradicated from this country.We have an attitude that corruption,child labor,women safety etc are all different from one another but actually they are all linked to each other.Also terrorism is the most important thing that is linked with corruption.We can surely develop but the main thing for development is the necessity for development

  • No, I don't think India will become a corruption- free country

    I definitely don't think that India will become a corruption - free country, let alone any country in the world for that matter. I believe corruption will always exist. Do I believe that corruption in India will decrease in the next 20 -30 years? Yes, but in no way shape or form will it be a corruption free country.

  • No it will not

    I do not think it is possible for India or any country for that matter to become a corruption free country. I mean look at the middle ages how strict the punishments were back then and yet there was still corruption in the world because corruption will exist as long as Satan does.

  • Strongly No !!

    Three keys helps to free from corruption as said by our esteemed ex-president of India Mr. Kalam and those three keys are Mother, Father and Teacher. All these three keys are also part of our culture and not external and our culture also evidenced that our society believes in payoffs. Eg. If you get passed in exams you go and may be present sawa kilo prasad in Mandir or if fail then say hate words. I believe here a black is recognized as black till we can see white. Even if your economy improves, corruption can't be taken out completely. The society man kind formed long long time ago, Corruption and prostitution can never be washed away totally from any country.

  • India becoming a corruption free country is likely impossible

    At first i would like to mention that corruption is the price we all pay for democracy.And Indi being the largest democracy in the world we are paying a very large amount for our democratic country.According to a latest news report from a tabloid ,"India has large sums of black money in the swiss bank,than all the remaining world countries COMBINED"which clearly outlines the fate of our beloved mothercountry...

  • No! It will be the null set in mathematics

    India is now famous for corruption in one way. Corruption has become trend of India. We just talk to remove the corruption but where in India has anyone come forward to fight against this? Not a single one. A child reacts in the way what its father react to the situation.So i don't think India after centuries also can gain freedom from corruption.

  • Nope I don't think sooo;

    Any country will never be corruption or either India will be because corruption starts from mothers kitchen to daddy's 90% wala lalach
    ie:-if our mother tells to bring vegetables from market and asks take the change then we rush //// daddy tells that if you bring more than 90% then u will get a phone or etc; then how can India become corruption free

  • No INDIA can never become a corruption free country

    People who rule this country are criminal and greedy
    judiciary here is slave to rulers and corrupt
    poverty and increasing population are big assest of corrupt netas .
    We as public have respect for laws because we are following our leaders who themselves are corrupt and flout every law for their own welfare till they die.
    Politics is a business here and ist you invest then you reap and harvest the crop. You give 2 crore for ticket and then you make 2000 crore .

  • Yes india might be a corruption free country ..

    Yes india mightl become a corruption free country in the near future .. Frst people r to be educated a show corruption affects there life in the go . Second there must be a government in which the ministers should reallybe caring for the people of india and try to stop this bloody shit from its root ..
    If these two happens without any problems then india might be a corruption free country .According to me...

  • No . Unless people think arise awake

    First people are corrupted
    need young educated honest person to rule
    people should start thinking about their own country rather than running foreign countries to earn more money
    people running education system just for money .
    If u have money u can do any crime or anything .Give brides to escape even from (killing a person ) big crime

  • NO it will not

    India is a country of very large population. Population is one of the most important factor of corruption. Due to population there is so much poverty in our country. Due to this at the time of election politician gave money to the poor families for buy their votes and this help in increasing the corruption in the country .

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