• India Rich Poor.

    Over the last 2000 years, For 1800 years India and China were the two largest economies. In the last 200 years, Europe and America were the two largest economies. Current economic news tells us that India China will be the two largest economies again in 2050. China already is far ahead of America. India is only 20 years behind China in it's economy.

  • Yes but only IF

    1) The gdp rate continue to grow between 8 to 10 for 50 years, then the country will be no. 1 in economy but wont be no. 1 in per person income ( the country people will be medium or upper medium class in average, unlike all the developed nature who's people are rich in average)
    2) the corruption touches the ground low . (not only in polities but in every field e.g. police, hosipal, distributer, vendor etc)
    3) No more quota system (very general say it and every minor knows it that quota system is eating this country . People how deserve never get it because of this. Why not to fight equally.. Why with the starting advantage. If its so imp then Quota showed there on basis of income not on basis of caste and religion)
    4) infrastructure - india infra is old and is falling apart .. If government focus on infra with seriousness for atleast 50 years then it may change the face of the country.
    5) education - education should me must .. No education no progress.. ( should make it a rule to have education still 12th atleast.. Fund the poor and force the rich .)
    6) ease to do business - all the develop nature rank above 30 in this field .. (business is imp to growth and set up should be easier . India to focus to be on top 10 . Top 5 will be even better to give a positive impression)

  • It is slowly building itself

    There is no doubt about that India will soon be counted as a developed country. It has a large population which was once its liability but getting turned into an important asset now. Hopefully India will also overcome all of its problems very soon, proving itself before the world. Ya!

  • Yes it will

    I think that India will become more developed, this is not only because I am optimistic but believe that if people start getting their act together to help other countries maybe through charity work, we will all eventually pull it off, even if it may not seem possible now. I'm 13 BTW!

  • It is Already Starting To

    It would be going a lot faster if they were not so corrupt. Hey, they learned from the best though. They have so many people and they do seem to be making education a big priority. Which is good for any country to be developed. All they need to work on now is income equality, like most of the world does.

  • India will become a developed country.

    Yes, India will become a developed country in the future. In many ways, they already are. They have been rapidly growing for some time now, and are even part of the BRICS group for emerging economies. They are the second most populous country on the planet, therefore they are like to advance in society and economic areas.

  • India In The Future

    I personally think that India can become a developed country in the future the country would have to be willing to work together as a community. I personally think that overtime India could become a developed country in the future. I personally think that India government would have to come together.

  • Yes they will

    Yes, I think that once India gets over the problems it is having not, it will start to pick up economically, and it will become a developed country. Right now, they still have to many poor people who are fighting to survive, and they need to do something about it first.

  • India will NEVER become a developed country

    First and foremost reason is here hardworking people never get the appreciation, Encouragement or reward, Instead they are supressed and undermined by authorities, Fellows etc. Then there's reservation. Well our flawed system should provide financial help to poor instead of giving reserved seats in all areas to the least deserving people and so, These so called degreeholders don't even value and work hard because they got the position without any struggle. This overall hampers the progress of country due the fact that the nation is run by an army of foos and dumbheads in all professions ( govt. , Law, Medicine, Etc. )do not value life. People here don't value life. Well simply put if in US someone sees a personon the road bleeding they will call 911 and response is immediate, While in india 100 people will stop amd crowd the area until the person dies. And then here everybody starting from the biggest politician thinks about their pocket first and never about the country and its people as a whole.

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  • No, I do not think India will become a developed country in the future.

    I do not think India will ever become a developed country like those in the west. I think that India suffers from way to many social issues such as the vast economic difference between the poor and rich in the country. India also does not possess the same values and principles as a lot of more developed countries.

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