• They need help

    Companies in Cuba are way behind the rest of the world in terms of technology, thanks to Castro's policies that led to most of the West refusing to trade with Cuba. Now that it is a little more open it is time for their technology to improve, and Google servers are just a first step. They are ultimately good for consumers too.

  • Yes, installing Google servers in Cuba will help companies

    Yes, installing Google servers in Cuba will help companies. This will increase the speed of data transfer which will make the island country's companies more efficient. The amount of money that the businesses can make will increase as the businesses become more efficient. Cuba is becoming more technologically advanced which is a good sign.

  • Yes, installing Google servers will help low-income companies improve their businesses.

    Google servers will allow faster data access for both businesses and individuals in Cuba. Providing internet access will give the population more connection to the world and instant access to a large amount of information. It will also enable businesses to better compete in the global market. Because it is illegal for many normal people in Cuba to have internet access in their homes, these servers will provide faster access to media, such as video, for those using available Wi-Fi connections, which have a history of being very slow.

  • It's time for Cuba to get connected

    After so many years isolated from the rest of the world, Cuba now has the chance to reach out and make a name for itself on the global stage for something more than rum and cigars. Allowing Google to install servers to boost it's internet is a great first step, and hopefully is the start of Cuba becoming more outwards looking in regards to business.

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