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  • RIM: The Walking Dead?

    RIM has been struggling financially for several years, their focus on the business sector has led to slow development in software and applications for the personal phone sector. With many other manufacturers already developing massively into the personal phone sector RIM will struggle to catch up even with the reinvention of their software; Blackberry 10.

  • No it will not

    No it will not be revived by the Blackberry 10. It would have to surpass what Galaxy and the Iphones are currently doing it would have to spit out gold coins and make money for it to bypass these two devices which will never happen. Blackberrys was early 2000's that is outdated now.

  • Blackberry has had its day

    Blackberry was at one time at the forefront of the Smartphone phenomenon. However since then, it has sadly not been able to keep up with the market. iPhone and Android technologies have soared ahead and their phones are more attractive and have better features than the Blackberry. Now people have switched to other brands, they are unlikely to switch back.

  • No, I don't think interest will be revived by the Blackberry 10.

    I believe Blackberry is to far gone and no longer in mainstream that they will have tremendous difficultly to ever reclaim interest in their brand, I think Blackberry would have to release an absolute game changer in the mobile world to ever reclaim the spotlight again, I think those who currently use Blackberry are those who have remained loyal to the brand.

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