• Yes it will!!

    It will change! What Iran needs is a real democracy those loonies sitting on the top are nothing put junk. Iran is peaceful and a nice place however people made it sound like all the people are bad. Nuclear bombs, going to wipe Israel of the surface of earth. This is all full of bullsh*t People in Iran are suffering we want REAL FREEDOM!

  • Yes it will change.

    I was born in Iran so I know a lot about there.
    As stated in BBC news, the Iranian government wished a happy new year to Jewish people, never done before. This is a form of change, respect to Jews & others are starting to happen.
    As we all heard in the news that Iran's nuclear plan and all, the UN has set up a talk with the representative of Iran about change.
    Also stated in BBC the US is easing on Iran because of the non-radical president, who just came in office. Rouhani was educated in the US and in places other than Iran, so he knows what he is doing, not like Ahmadi Nejad.

  • Religious regime not going to allow their figurehead to change anything

    Yes, Iran has a new president...Who "talks" about peace and making more diplomatic ties with the rest of the world. However, Iran has its own interests, led by the panel of extremists. These religious officials are the ones who basically run the government. The president merely acts as a figurehead.

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