• Iran will not freeze their oil output

    Iran's economy relies on their oil output, so I cannot see that they will freeze their oil output. They may slow their output in order to increase some demand, but they will not freeze it entirely as it would not make economic sense. I cannot see that happening at this time.

  • Iran needs money to fund terrorism around the world,.

    Having just received a huge cash infusion from the US and also having sanctions on trade lifted have put Iran in a much better financial situation. But, the bulk of their money comes from the sale of their oil. They have vowed to fight any attempt to curb oil production. They make a lot of money from oil. Why would they freeze production?

  • I really doubt it

    I mean if they did what else will they export to make money? I really believe it would kill their economy if they all a sudden quit exporting oil. If they are trying to get at America by doing it then please we have more oil than we know what to do with.

  • Iran will not freeze its oil output

    Iran will not freeze its oil output, nor should it. Oil is the lifeblood of the middle eastern economy. Cutting production may make sense on some level when considering a conglomeration of oil producing countries stand to profit collectively. However, Iran is a financially struggling country and it needs a continual flow of money. Its greed will eventually take over.

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