• Yes due to muslims advertising for themselves and world economy

    Yes, there is a big RISK that it will be our future. Christianity is still on place one by counting together all christian groups but every catholic or atheist is going to be a victim of muslim advertising. I have been a muslim and it is and was horrible. The koran describes in detail that and how muslims are supposed to advertise to non-muslims. Despite that due to oil alone some muslim countries are very rich by now and have bought a lot of shares in european and US companies meaning that they will stay rrih possibly forever. The birth rate in the EU and US is lower than in muslim countries and most western countries are already under attack by a) terror attack b) immigration with high crime like in parts of the US, Germany, Belgium etc. and c) false advertising. Because altering the truth is allowed by the koran as long as it results in new followers. A lot of media production is already sponsored by muslim countries and due to muslim countries buying such huge parts of western companies most politicans can't speak honestly anymore if they want to save jobs in the country. Other big sources of income are drugs for example (Marocco, Algeria etc.) because muslims aren't allowed to take but to spread them. So if many countries switch to solar power, electric cars etc. sooner the effect could be slightly softer but overall if Islam is our future it isn't by spreading "the truth: of Islam as many muslims like to believe but by spreading a soft version first and then implementing the real concept like under most Islamic governments.

  • It Already Is

    Islam is the dominant religion. Catholicism isn't considered Christianity by most Christians and they only make up 17.4% of the world population, where as Muslims make up 19.2% of the world population. Similarly, Catholics have a total of 1.2 billion adherents, while Muslims have already surpassed that number with a total of 1.6 billion adherents.

    Also, Islam is the only religion growing faster than the world population and is, in fact, the fastest growing religion, both by breeding and conversion. This is awesome because:

    -Islam is literally the way of life for every human-being and Muhammad's example is the best model for proper living.

    -The world will be following the true God and every believer will be equal.

    -There will be peace, prosperity, justice, pluralism, and equity (just like the Pax Romana during the Roman Empire).

    -There would be no more wars. Religious and political wars (i.E. War in Iraq, Israeli-Palestinian conflict) would end.

    -There would be no more racism. Islam unifies people of all color, race, nationality, etc.

    -Shari'a is ingrained in Abrahamic culture and the three Abrahamic religions (in their true aspects) worship the same God. Thus, Jews and Christians would be following something relatively similar to what they usually practice.

  • No, There is Room For Diversity

    No, Islam is not our future, because there is enough room in the world for diversity. There are so many people in the world, it is unlikely that one religion will ever dominate completely. In addition, in the United States, the vast majority of people are still Christian. This might not be apparent with a loud majority, but Americans are still a very conservative Christian people, and this is not something that can be undone casually.

  • "we are the religion of peace"

    The humorous implications of my headline suggest how seriously i take religious arguments: NOT AT ALL. Any religion what preaches peace yet has organized violent groups in them is beyond failure, if you will failure^2! (exclamation mark being a mathematical principle).

    But no, if history has taught humanity anything is that there will never be one divine ruling group/person/nation of this world...Even the Chinese PLA army.

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