Will it be good for the planet if China becomes the source of power in the world?

  • Hey. Weren't we the most powerful nation not too long ago?

    USA was the most powerful nation at one point, and we did a good job of running the entire world into an almost global recession. Maybe it's time for China to step up. China becoming the most powerful country in the world isn't hard to imagine. They seem to surpass the USA in educational standards and environmental policy. I don't think anyone is considering the positive possibilities.

  • It will not be good for the planet if China becomes the source of power in the world.

    It will be bad for the planet if China becomes an important power in the world because the Chinese government does not regulate pollution. The Chinese manufacturing sector is responsible for the largest portion of greenhouse emissions in the world today. Chinese influence in the world is bad for the environment.

  • The same way I don't want England or Denmark being the source of power, I don't want China either

    China is another dangerous country. Elitism runs amonk. The main country I wouldn't mind being the main power is Scotland or Japan or France or the Netherlands. Those are successful countries that are very democratic. I would rather they be the new power on the block than the two I mentioned or China.

  • I doubt they'll get the chance...But no.

    I think any talk of "China as super power" is silly. There is no reason to think they are any different than Japan in the 80s...In fact Japan was a greater threat. If by some stroke of luck for China they do become super power it would not be a good thing for the rest of the world. China is a very shady country, they manipulate their currency, exploit their people, and try to cheat their way to the top. They would not be a successful world leader at all and would promote the violent devious agenda they use in their own country.

  • It's a dangerous nation.

    They would eventually try to conquer the world. Sure, the U.S. is not that great of a nation, but at least this country will protect my freedoms. China wouldn't care about your freedoms. As much as we like to think China is an ally, we forget that it has a Communist government. And we know from history that usually leads to world domination. It would just do the same thing the U.S.S.R. Did after WWII and form satellite nations. And they will keep it up until the free world is all but gone. In order to do this they will probably ignite World War III, and we all don't want that.

  • No central source of power should exist, but rather the United Nations and NATO should collaborate.

    China is currently better than the United States in many sectors, and if their progress is linear, they will overcome the United States in environmental regulations and education and productivity. Human rights and censorship are obvious points of contention, but nothing can overcome the power of information and its dissemination. Nin hao overlords.

    Posted by: PastoralAgustin40
  • Power should be shared by all developed nations.

    It is not a good idea to have the source of power owned and monopolized by one country, alone. There should be several strong countries to share the provision of power amongst the less developed countries, such as Germany, USA, China, Russia and Brazil. They should also be selected to provide power, even installed by China, but run and owned by a group of strong countries.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67
  • We would be dependent on someone else for our power.

    They could impose all kinds of restrictions. They could cut our power off if there was a conflict. They would have control over our lives by having control of our power. They would control the whole world by controlling the power. That would turn us from a free country to a controlled country.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader
  • If China becomes the main power in the world, then it will not be good for the planet, because of their current government.

    China has many positive attributes, but its government is not one of them. If China, under its current regime, becomes the main world power, then the planet will suffer. Whereas, the U.S. and European powers take great care to promote responsible government and development around the world, China's government is more concerned with its own needs and, as a dictatorship, certainly does not care about the spread of democracy or human rights in the world.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93

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