Will it ever be possible for humans to break the speed of light?

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  • Prove Me Wrong

    From what I've heard over the past 1 or 2 years, scientists learned that some things (I forgot what) live in two places and times at once. Then we were able to teleport data in a costly experiment. If we can do that, we might be able to teleport ourselves.

  • One day perhaps:

    People keep expecting science to quickly come up with the answers to allow us to, achieve ever greater advances in technology over night.

    At one point every thing we take for granted today was an unproven theory, each met with its fair share of skeptics, each with varying reasons claiming something impossible.

    It has taken humans centuries of experimentation to develop the technology necessary to fly through the air, cross the oceans without relying on the wind.

    Many died achieving these things, many failed in their attempts but some succeeded and from those successes human civilization advanced.

    Humans have largely only just entered space in the past few decades, we still have a considerably amount to learn.

    Are space age craft are comparable to the early rafts/boats and planes, limited in range/speed/restricted to are immediate solar system.

    Those early rafts/boats and planes gradually got better and better allowing us to spread to every corner of our planet. Are space craft could just as easily do the same for humanity in space.

    Just because faster than light travel seem impossible now does not mean it will remain so forever, the theories developed by today's scientists will lay the ground work for future scientists. Not everything is going to be achieved by one person or generation.

    I believe it is possible that human's could achieve faster that light travel, probably not in my life time though but you never know we might steal/buy/be given the technology from the first peaceful aliens we come across.

    So long as people keep trying there is always hope, its when we give up that nothing changes.

  • We already can

    We're already studying worm holes for this very reason. A rip in the space-time continuum is still breaking the speed of light. Advancing through time and space is still going fast in my opinion and we know this is possible. In fact I do believe we already have visitors who have mastered this very basic scientific theory; yet like we do to animals we study; we don't want to disturb them in their natural habitat. We have uncontacted tribes in Papua new guinea and Brazil who we want to evolve naturally.

  • Yes, but technically no, but in a way yes.

    You can't actually go faster than the speed of light. But it is possible to get to a place before light. How? Well it is already been done by galaxies. With the universe expanding distance between galaxies can increase faster than the speed of light. You can do the same thing with human transportation. Common place term for this, warp speed.

  • Yes and No. Technically No, but practically, possibly a yes.

    I am by no means an expert, so if I am incorrect about a point feel free to correct me. But I am an undergraduate student in Physics and have done a lot of light reading and this is the conclusion that I have come to. It requires a bit of understanding of relativity. If you were riding on a beam of light, the speed of light would be constant. There is a man who believes he has invented the warp drive, but it requires a massive amount of energy because it requires you to bend space-time around the vehicle. You expand space behind the craft, and you fold it in front of the craft. This will allow you to go faster than the speed of light while not actually going faster than the speed of light.

    Why? Because spacetime warps itself to keep the speed of light constant. Imagine if you are driving on a flat road at a constant speed of 200 mph. You cannot go any faster, but you have to go faster to arrive at your destination in time. So you fold the road into hills and valleys. And then instead of driving up and down each hill, you "fly" over the peaks. You are still traveling 200mph from your perspective, but to anyone who is observing you would see you traveling faster than that.

    The same goes with time since it is, after all, space time. Time will also warp to keep the speed of light constant, though that seems a little more difficult to illustrate. But it is true that the faster you move, the slower time moves. If you are standing still, time is moving at its fastest for you. As you approach the speed of light, it passes by slower and slower, until, if you could reach the speed of light, it would probably stop completely. A little bit more difficult to illustrate, so we'll just stick with the folding of space. Illustration.

  • No no no

    It is impossible for humans to break the speed of light simply because the laws of physics simply do not aplly. If you where on a train moving at 99.999999999999999999999 and a couple trillion more 9s percent at the speed of light and someone moved forwards, then they would be slowed down by the laws of physics

  • No, it will never be feasible - though hypothetically possible

    It'll never happen because it's such an extremely demanding goal, both practically and theoretically. It would require the manipulation of space rather than the expected process of simply "moving forward".

    Teleportation would be more likely (plus, if you're even moving AT the speed of light, it's basically teleportation as no time passes) if quantum particles could be controlled in such a way from a distance (as they can apparently send synchronous information instantly through opposite ends of space), but this still feels far too difficult to imagine actually achieving.

    But in any case, unless we somehow decrease our mass to 0, travelling at the speed of light itself is impossible by Einstein's theory. It'd be easier to try and take advantage of existing phenomena, like maybe black holes, inside which time stops completely.

    Another problem is that even with my random thought-on-the-spot black hole idea, we have to think about the time dilation. Time would stop for anyone moving so fast, but it would keep going at 'normal' speed for the rest of the universe... So it's more possible if you don't care about everyone dying or universe ending while you make the trip...

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