• They have a great chemistry and the midfield is amazing.

    England, we beat them on the opener, and we played great. We had way more possession, controlled the midfield, and our defense was great in the second half to hold of the English bulldogs. The chemistry flows well, Pirlo is a major part of that, and we have promising young talents that can surprise all the time, including Immobile and Insigne.

  • Italy will win

    Italy has a lot of young talent, especially up front as strikers. Brazil will have to much pressure on them. Spain is very good but I think they are on the decline. They don't seem to score goals as easy as they used too. Italy's young talent will show the world they are # 1

  • Italia is going to win.

    Spain is much weaker than they have been in the recent past. Brazil is young and largely inexperienced. Germany has to adjust to Brazil as they are a team not used to playing in the heat. Argentina can give Italy trouble. The dark horse is Portugal. They have a highly underrated defense and if they can find scoring from someone other than Ronaldo, they will be quite dangerous. England should not be much trouble. I do have concerns with Brazil playing in Brazil as a host country as they will doubtless get favoring from the referees. Other than that, I see no team that's better than Italy from top to bottom.

  • Italy Will Win

    Spain is weakened because of the loss of Iker Casillas, and Italy has not lost to Germany in almost 20 years, including seven straight wins, including a 2-0 win in the World Cup in '06 and a 2-1 win at Euro 2012. With a weakened Spain and the fact that Italy matches up better against Germany than any other team in the world, I think both of these teams should be easily conquerable by Italy. And they match up well against England as well. The only team I could see giving Italy trouble is Argentina.

  • Italy will Win in Brazil in 2014!

    Italy has a very strong and dangerous squad filled with veterans and some very good young talent. I believe Italy is superior to Spain and this time will come out on top and beat them in the quarter finals even if its with penalties. Brazil I think is over rated and Germany screws up when faced with big games especially against Italy. Argentina is the only team Italy should be concerned with given they didn't play well against them in the last friendly match and there another very strong side. Anyways I do like the choices of players Italy has this year. They have there regulars Pirlo, buffon, and de rossi. But then were it gets very interesting is they got a crop of young amazing talent like Verratti, Florenzi, Poli, immobile, berardi, perrin, insigna, antonelli, ballo. I mean that is a amazing group of players they got between youth and veterans. My final four are:
    1. Italy
    2. Germany
    3. Argentina
    4. Colombia

  • Italy wont be strong enough

    I think they will be to weak to compete with top nations like Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands and Germany. Players like Marco Veratti are very young and have some amazing talent but they are very inexperienced and that will bring Italy`s team down. But watch out they can be very dangerous,

  • Germany will most likely win (maybe Spain... Again)

    Although Italy is a very strong team, Spain, or Germany will win. Spain is coming in going off a 3 time international title winning steak and the team is no less strong than before. Not to mention, almost all their players play with or against each other in their clubs in La Liga. Germany has an amazingly strong team and with Bayern Munich having won the club world cup. Italy will do well, but win the cup entirely, not likely.

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