Will James Brady's death have any impact on our current gun regulations?

  • No, Will James Brady's death will not have any impact on our current gun regulations.

    Will James Brady was a symbol of the fight for gun control after been shoot in the attempt to kill President Regan and ending up on a wheelchair. He was promoting safety programs for the nation’s gun owners. Unfortunately his death will not influence at all the current gun regulation.

  • Guns in America

    James Brady was shot in the 1980's. We see mass shooting yearly now. The slogan guns don't kill people; people kill people are a rallying cry for second amendment supporters. If the deaths of preschool children at Sandyhook did not make any difference why would the death of Jame Brady?

  • No, James Brady's death will have no impact on gun control regulations.

    James Brady was a well respected figure and a passionate advocate on gun control. His death however will have no impact on the debate on gun control regulations or lead to any changes. Both sides in this debate are deeply entrenched and it will take more than the death of one individual to bring about any changes.

  • Gun control is still at an impasse even after James Brady's death

    James Brady was an iconic figure when it came to gun regulation. The man stood up for the victims and his survival reminded everyone that gun regulation needed to happen. Now America is looking at gun control and as a society, there are no easy answers. In my opinion, James Brady's efforts offered a real look at guns and who used them. His life (and death) didn't push the issue far enough when it came to regulating and control. His unbelievable courage on the issue is admirable, but there are still many questions that need to be resolved when it comes to gun control.

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