• Yes it will!

    James Foley was executed on a video by terrorists, this will certainly add to the chaos of events that have been happening lately. We have been hearing about one murder after another, all of innocent people who were unarmed and not a threat to anyone. I think something is going on.

  • Foley is, hopefully, the catalyst people have been looking for in this war against ISIS.

    What ISIS has done and will continue to do absolutely sickens me. I think that Foley will be the straw that broke the camel's back. The world has seen that ISIS is clearly capable of murdering thousands of their own people without a second thought, but now they've also proven that ALL countries, particularly the United States, are not safe from their acts of terrorism and barbarism.

    God bless all of the Christians and the strength of their faith despite the horrors they have faced. And God bless the men and women like Foley, an innocent dedicated to reporting the tragedies of the world to make it a better place. These people are the real heros in the face of ISIS, and they deserve to be remembered and fought for, too.

  • Yes, it will.

    The death of James Foley has shown that ISIS is not messing around. They mean what they say and their threats are real. The fact that we have another American hostage is very disturbing. The president now has to decide if we withdraw troops and possibly save his life or stay the course and lose the man.

  • It may well

    It may be what prompts this country to finally treat ISIS as what it is, a group of cavemen that have no place in this world and must be wiped off it as quickly as possible. Prior to this Americans weren't directly falling victim to their death trail across the region, but this might force our hand.

  • I'd be surprised

    I feel Obama is too afraid of doing anything. Other than assassinating Bin Ladin everything Obama has done militarily has been wrong. From handing Iraq over to terrorists, to handing terrorists over for a traitor. He has not been able to uphold our reputation as an enforcer. You mess with us we mess you up, unless Obama is in office.

  • The Conflict Already Existed, This Is Just a Brighter Light

    This is not new information, but it is stupidly ignored or worse suppressed. I would hope that those "Americans" in support of ISIS/Hamas would wake up to see the truth. Muslims are taught in the Quran to gain advantage through deception as often as possible, to agree to peace and plot for the upper hand and devout Muslims call Israel 'little Satan' and America 'big Satan'. ISIS/Hamas and yes devout Muslims only believe that peace can come to be if everyone does as they say anyone who opposes in any way is said to be an "infidel" only worthy of death. This is Quran teaching and only by reading it could you know the truth, but with the videos now you can see the truth. This is not a new conflict. It has always existed. "ISIS/Hamas loves death as much as Israel loves life!"
    This is what they yell daily. Wake up.

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