• We're on the brink of war

    China is almost is almost daring japan to go to war by flying nuclear bombers in japans airspace and testing the waters of the Senkaku island, not to mention the 2010s have been an all time low for sino-japanese relations and both countries have had a dramatic rise in nationalism

  • Yes. Just a matter of time.

    Just a matter of time. Only powers can make countries like Japan to shut up. Otherwise, they will never learn from the history ,wake up from those evil thoughts, and have a true re-thinking of what they are supposed to do for a long-term peace and development, and their people and next generation as well.

    When u talked about the US, take Russia into considerations as well. But if let alone Russia as u like, also still it is only a matter of time I think.

  • Too much to lose

    A war between the two countries would devastate both their economies. Neither side is willing to sacrifice thousands of soldiers just for a few rocks. The costs of a war would be much too high for the benefits of the oil under them. While nationalism and sabre rattling win political points, a full on war is something both sides want to avoid. Economic retaliation and travel bans are more likely.

  • Probably Not. Just skirmishes.

    Japan and China have their differences but not to the point where they will go to a full scale war. Yes, probably naval skirmishes, but not a full scale war. A full scale war is pretty much world war 3. However, tides can turn because China claims 90% of the south china sea and trade routes which more than 5 trillion dollars worth of goods pass. Tensions have gone extremely high between china and other nations near it, after the international court ruled in favor of Philippines, which china strongly ignored and rejected it.

  • Japan and China will probably not go to war

    Although Japan and China had a terrible relationship in the past, I don't believe they will go to war anytime soon. There are many Chinese people who still hate the Japanese for what they did in the past however, I don't believe this inner hate will emerge and cause an all out war as many know that wars are not pleasant at all, causing the lost of many more lives is pointless.

  • No because of MAD

    The principles of mutual assured destruction dictate that a war will not be fought. Perhaps a few skirmishes but certainly not a full out war. As others have stated, the very fact that the United States and other regional players would be dragged into such a conflict, a conflict such as this is very unlikely.

  • No, Japan and China Have Other Concerns

    How likely are Japan and China to fight over the Senkaku Islands? This event is highly unlikely. China is doing well making money in general and a war could change that. They would need to look no further than the United States as proof of this. Japan is, at least one would hope, bomb weary. They have no reason to jeopardize their need for safety and stability. This debate over land appears to be nothing more than political drama.

  • No chance

    Again, mutually assured destruction will prevent this from happening. Not that Japan could go punch for punch with China, but China knows they would have to answer for any sort of military action like this. It's certainly not going to happen and I don't think we'll reach a point anybody thinks that it's close.

  • No the world economy will not allow it

    China realizes that if they go to war with Japan that the United States would be forced to step in and protect Japan. If the United states is protecting Japan from China then we the United States would no longer be buying the immense amount of goods that we currently do. This would end up hurting both China and the US more than anything that China would gain from a war. Cooler heads will prevail.

  • They Will Not Go To War

    I do not think Japan and China will go to war. I think that when they both sit down and really think about the situation, they will find out that there are more consequences than gains for going to war. They have both been peaceful countries in the past and I thin the trend will continue.

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