• Yes i do believe.

    I believe that Shinzo Abe has the necessary resources and the ability to turn Japan around. Japan is known for its technological advancements and their forqward thinking. But i do agree that increasing debt and an ageing workforce are major causes for concern. BUT I do predict a long term economic recovery.

  • Deflation is needed

    Deflation and inflation is like ying and yang. Both are needed. With a declining population, it only makes sense that the currency would deflate. I would not put your hopes in Abe as he has been prime minister before and others came before and after him. The issue is with growth and spending. Deflation also helps the saver. When I retire, I would have more money in the bank from interest and it would buy more (ceteris parabis). In the US and Canada, I will earn interest on my money, but will probably only break even or have in reality less as the money I saved plus interest may not even buy a hamburger.

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