• Jeff Vinik always does well in real estate.

    Jeff Vinik is a person who is uniquely suited for real estate. He has all the necessary skills and resources to do well. When we look at his past experiences we see a pattern that clearly points to him thriving in this field. We can expect great things from his real estate career.

  • Jeff Vivek will be Successful in Real Estate.

    Jeff Vivek is an NHL owner and venture capitalist who has had a number of successful financial opportunities. Although his primary areas of expertise are outside of real estate, he will be successful because he has the capital to revitalize downtown Tampa Bay and other areas. Also, he has a vested interest in the cities success due to previous investments, such as the Tampa Bay Lightning.

  • Yes Jeff Vinik will be successful in real estate

    There's no reason why Jeff Vinik won't be successful in real estate, he has proven that he makes good decisions and is able to work calmly under pressure. His professional attitude and his experience in the field means that he will make success in whatever endeavours he applies himself to.

  • Yes, he seems to be good with money.

    Since Vinik has already proven to be a successful businessman in the field, I see no reason why he will not continue to be successful in real estate. He seems to have a good grasp on how money works and how to use it wisely. Also, he graduated from Harvard School of Bussiness, so he probably knows what he's doing.

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