Will Jimmy Hoffa's body ever be found after his 1975 kidnapping/disappearance?

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  • No, it is missing for good.

    No, Jimmy Hoffa's body will not ever be found after his 1975 kidnapping/disappearance, because the people who wanted him to disappear did a thorough job of it. We do not know for sure who was behind it, but they were likely extremely sophisticated. They hid his body well enough that it will never be found.

  • Jimmy Hoffa's body will never be found.

    I think Jimmy Hoffa's body will never be found because if he was killed, considering his associations, it would have be done professionally. After all of this time, if it could be found it would have been found by now. Plus, I think the interest is just simply no longer there. News of finding his body wouldn't really have much a wow-factor, it's been too long. The other possibility is that he may have faked his kidnapping.

  • He is gone

    Jimmy Hoffa is gone - its been 40 years already, people have to accept this. Its true that bodies are found after far longer, but, at this point, and based on who he was involved with, chances are the body is long gone and disposed of, completely out of site.

  • It's Really Doubtful

    Given that Jimmy Hoffa has been missing since 1975, it is very doubtful that his body will ever be found. It's commonly thought that he may have been entombed in concrete and this is very possible. Since it has been so long, it is very unlikely that a body will be found, but that doesn't mean the case should be closed.

  • No it is long gone

    Jimmy Hoffa is long gone and will never be found. It has become more of a legend or tale now then a real case. We will find Jimmy Hoffa's body the same day that Big Foot and the Loch ness monster are rounded up as well. Some things just aren't going to happen.

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