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  • No, Joe Perry Will Be Fine

    Guitarist Joe Perry collapsed during a concert. He was in stable condition when paramedics carried him off stage. His reported symptoms were dizziness and faintness. Because of this, I am sure he will be fine. He probably had a case of dehydration or heat sickness. I think he will be rehydrated and released today.

  • No, he will not die.

    By all accounts, Joe Perry is considered stable right now, so it is unlikely that he will die shortly following his hospitalization. It appears that he is on the road to recovery, and that as Mark Twain famously said "reports of his death are largely exaggerated." He will live for now.

  • Only God Knows

    No, one can not predict with any kind of certainty that Joe Perry will die after his hospitalization. Only God knows that. It's funny that we would try to play God and predict the death of a preacher who has spent the majority of his life preaching that God is in control. It's irresponsible, gruesome, and against everything he's taught.

  • Joe Perry Back in the Saddle Again Soon

    Former Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is resting and doing well, according to medical staff at the hospital where Perry was sent following a collapse onstage. At the time Perry was performing with his current band, Hollywood Vampires, when he suffered a cardiac arrest. In the future, he may have to slow down a bit, but Perry should be back in the saddle again in no time.

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